Recipe For Autumn's Cup Organic Cocktail From Organic, Shaken And Stirred Cocktail Book

A new guide to mixing organic, eco-friendly cocktails

You don't want pesticides in your meat or vegetables–why shouldn't you set the same standard for your martinis and mojitos? To pursue that goal, pick up a copy of Organic, Shaken and Stirred by Paul Abercrombie, a one-stop guide to creating a green bar at home.

The book begins with a helpful buying guide that lists liquor stores where you can find spirits made with organically grown grains, sugarcane and potatoes. Some bottles to look for include those from Square One's line of vodkas (including its aromatic new Botanical bottling) and L.A.-based Tru Organic Spirits' gin and vodka. Papagayo's organic rums hail from Paraguay, and Mexico's 4 Copas is the only USDA-certified organic tequila. (An added bonus: Experts say that organic alcohol is lower in methanol, the toxin that causes hangovers.)

After you stock the bar, it's time to make a cocktail. The book includes 100 recipes using everything from organic tamarind to pesticide-free tangelo, pineapple, jalapeño and cucumber–all in their appropriate seasons, of course.

Right now you should make the Autumn's Cup (pictured; click here to download the recipe). This appley concoction made with Calvados and herbal Bénédictine sets the scene for fall–although it's refreshing any time of year.