Crack Ham Recipe From Cookbook Forking Fantastic By Zora O'Neill And Tamara Reynolds

A definitive guide to throwing big parties in tiny kitchens

Zora O'Neill and Tamara Reynolds don't place much stock in fancy linens and seating charts. Their idea of a successful dinner party is having guests stumble home and wake up with chocolate smears on their clothes.

For six years, the duo has hosted Sunday Night Dinner, a weekly supper club run out of a small New York kitchen, where they've conceived menus around everything from a trip to Istanbul to offal-loving London chef Fergus Henderson.

With more than a few disasters and some against-all-odds successes (one New Year's blowout involved a whole pig and a towering croquembouche) behind them, O'Neill and Reynolds have poured their collective wisdom into Forking Fantastic, a hilarious, expletive-riddled cookbook aimed at helping even the most inexperienced host achieve dinner party greatness.

Written in a tone as irreverent as their events, the book includes everything from standard classics to the club's greatest hits. Novices should start with the simple roast chicken dinner, while overachievers can skip right to the lamb on a spit (directions for building the grill are included).

And don't miss their personal favorite, "Crack Ham" (pictured; click here to download the recipe), in which a precooked supermarket ham receives a messy makeover with an overdose of brown sugar and bourbon.