Chef Jamie Oliver's Beef & Ale Stew Recipe From Jamie's Food Revolution Cookbook

Jamie Oliver: Teach a man to (cook) fish

Most TV chefs have failed–miserably–when it comes to using their celebrity status to help Americans eat more healthfully.

Thankfully, the British are coming.

With a new cookbook and prime-time TV series (which will air this winter on ABC), Jamie Oliver hopes to teach American kitchen novices how to feed themselves at home.

Jamie's currently encamped in Huntington, West Virginia, which is dubbed the most unhealthy city in America. Here (in front of TV cameras), he's showing noncooks of all ages how to prepare simple meals from scratch, then encouraging them to pay it forward and teach the recipes to family and friends.

Will it work? Given his successes in the U.K.–he's helped overhaul school lunch programs, turned at-risk kids into chefs and taught another poorly fed town how to cook–we think he's our best chance. But to give him a boost, you can sign this petition.

The formerly naked chef's new book, Jamie's Food Revolution, contains simple recipes (each with step-by-step photos) that require only the most basic tools and techniques to cook.

We asked Jamie to choose one recipe that he thinks every American should know how to make: He gave us his Beef and Ale Stew, which omits the usual first step of browning the meat. "I've done loads of tests and found the meat is just delicious and tender without browning it first," he says. "A stew will feed a family, it's hearty and nutritious, and it can be left to cook away, so it's not labor-intensive."

Click here to download the recipe, then–in the spirit of revolution–pass it on.