Jupiter Grapes And Mars Grapes And Canadice Grapes And Marquis Grapes Available In NYC's Farmers' Markets | Tasting Table NYC

Sample these sweet remainders of summer

As the season's abundant apples replace peaches and all obscurities of squash appear at the farmers' market, grapes have emerged as a final juicy remnant of summer.

And this year, there's more to try than the usual Concord and Niagara: Upstate winery Buzzard Crest Vineyards has us snacking on some more unusual varieties of seedless grapes (see below).

As the harvest comes to a close, Buzzard Crest's Eileen Farnan suggests preserving grapes by plucking them off their stems, freezing them on a baking sheet and storing them in plastic bags. Then, in the depth of winter, you can wake them up on top of a steaming bowl of oatmeal.

Jupiter These crunchy, deep-blue berries (pictured) are some of the most luscious we've ever tried. Hurry to the market this weekend before these foxy, oval clusters vanish until next fall.

Mars These dark-blue orbs may be planetary cousins to Jupiters, but they're softer, less musky and explode on your tongue.

Canadice This red state native is winter-hardy with a semifirm skin, which–if you bite it just right–will slip off to reveal the spicy-sweet flesh inside.

Marquis Grapey and juicy, these white grapes are a sunny reminder that summer is only nine months away.

Find these grapes on Saturdays at the Borough Hall, Fort Greene, Grand Army Plaza and Union Square Greenmarkets