The Oaks Gourmet Market In Hollywood For Beer, Spirits, Wine, Sandwiches, Saladsand Pasta Or Grilled Cheese Night Menus

Franklin Village's favorite corner store, evolved

People have always stopped for coffee or a quick sandwich at the corner deli on Franklin and Bronson avenues. But now that it's the Oaks Gourmet Market, it's a bona fide neighborhood hangout. And it's not just for locals anymore.

The shelves are stocked with goods like Rick's Picks pickles, fancy jams and snacks, artisanal chocolates, and wines you won't find in the Gelson's across the street–all hand-selected by owner Greg Morris. And it's the first retail outlet for Heirloom-LA's fresh pastas, sauces and lasagna cupcakes.

But instead of being just a place to grab and go, the market is also a makeshift café. Sit at the communal table and devour fried-egg sandwiches with pancetta and mozzarella ($7) and gooey Cake Monkey butterscotch sticky buns ($4) for breakfast; or wood-fired pizzas or the hearty short-rib French dip with sherry jus ($10) for lunch.

On Wednesday nights, chef Greg Paul creates a selection of special grilled-cheese sandwiches, which might include combos like creamy Cotswold with bacon or tangy Picon with chorizo. On Sundays, look for homemade pastas like lasagna with wild boar Bolognese or pappardelle with pancetta and saffron cream sauce.

Try finding that at your corner bodega.

The Oaks Gourmet Market, 1915 N. Bronson Ave., Hollywood; 323-871-8894 or