Callie's Biscuits Plus Prepared Foods

Instant biscuits by mail

Breakfast is a sad victim of circumstance: Because it occupies that unforgiving morning time slot, we end up relegating many of our favorite dishes to the rare lazy weekend.

And when it comes to breakfast pastries, we've long accepted it as fact that convenience and quality can't coexist in the freezer aisle. And then we found Callie White.

With her line of deliriously fluffy biscuits, this Charleston-based caterer proved us wrong. White makes the biscuits by hand, freezes them and ships them across the country; all you have to do is heat them up.

The classic buttermilk version is a happy canvas for your favorite honey or jam, but the cinnamon variation needs no accompaniment: Two layers of crumbly, buttery biscuit sandwich a perfectly sweet cinnamon filling.

One savory option is studded with chives and sharp cheddar cheese, but our favorite low-country offering smacks of Southern comfort. White blends mustard and cheese into her dough, then adds a layer of minced, salt-cured Virginia ham for a biscuit (pictured) that will have you happily jumping out of bed in the morning.

Order Callie's Biscuits online here, or click here for a list of retailers.