Tuthilltown Spirits New York Day Trips And Whiskey Day Trips In New York

Learn the art of craft distilling at Tuthilltown Spirits

Nestled in the Hudson Valley, Tuthilltown Spirits–maker of those short, stocky bottles of whiskey–is the first New York distillery to open its doors to the public since the end of Prohibition.

This means you can see (how booze is made, from grain to glass), smell (the unforgettable aromas of a still at work), taste (Tuthilltown's flush cabinet of whiskies, rums and vodka) and buy (from the on-site shop)–all in one idyllic spot.

Operating out of an 18th-century gristmill, the distillery is an ideal day trip for tipplers. And with the leaves about to show their colors, now is the perfect time to go.

Sign up for a weekend tour ($12 with tasting; $10 without) and wander among the cool barrels where the brown spirits slumber, then sample some Spirit of the Hudson Vodka, made from local apples.

When you're finished tasting, stop by the shop, where you can stock up on whiskey-tasting glasses and a capping knife to slice through the wax seal of your new Hudson Baby Bourbon.

Tuthilltown Spirits, 14 Gristmill Lane, Gardiner, N.Y.; 845-633-8284 or tuthilltown.com