Stony Creek Farm In Walton, New York City, And Travel And Feather Down Farms

Stony Creek Farm: Where a rooster is your wake-up call

The bucolic weekend getaway is a favorite remedy for hemmed-in city life, but while a countryside B&B suffices for some, there are many of us who yearn for something more...agrarian.

That's exactly what Stony Creek Farm offers. This Walton, N.Y., property is among the first in America to team up with Feather Down Farms, a Dutch company that's taking agritourism to new, semiluxurious levels.

Feather Down supplies the accommodations: roomy, wood-floored tents outfitted with enough beds for six, gravity-powered plumbing (yes, there's a flushing toilet) and wood-burning stoves, which power the wannabe-homesteader's fantasy kitchen.

The 85-acre farm, of course, supplies the ingredients, which are sold–along with fresh-baked bread and other staples–at the ultimate minibar, the 24-hour "honesty shop." During our stay, grass-fed beef and just-picked greens ended up in a quick steak salad one night, and a chicken with loads of root vegetables made a handsome stew the next.

Speaking of chickens: You're welcome to grab all the eggs you can find in the "hens-in-training" pen, which is guarded by your morning wake-up call: a very chatty rooster. Good luck.

But the best way to experience the aggie life firsthand is by taking a tour with the farmers themselves: Kate and Dan Marsiglio. They'll show you how their sustainable farming and free-range pasturing practices affect the food they produce and the land it grows on.

Which is every bit as important as escaping the city.

Tents at Stony Creek Farm start at $300 a night, plus food and extras.