Ward III Bar In Tribeca, New York City, And Custom Cocktails

Let Ward III pick your poison

After years working behind various Tribeca bars, Michael Neff (pictured), Kenneth McCoy and Abdul Tabini–the partners behind the neighborhood's new Ward III bar–are finally free to do their own thing. Which turns out to be whatever your thing is.

Requesting the "bartender's choice" at many bars is usually a cocktail crapshoot, but Ward III's bartenders excel at creating bespoke drinks based on whatever suits your mood.

Throw a bit of direction their way–info about a favorite spirit, perhaps, or a desired flavor (i.e., bitter, spicy or fruity) or texture (clean, bubbly, creamy, etc.)–and they'll create a custom drink on the spot, drawing from a vast selection of seasonal fruits, herbs, spices and bitters laid out on the bar for inspiration.

And if you like your custom concoction, you can ask to have the recipe filed away for your next visit.

Even classic cocktails are reinterpreted in each bartender's shaker. One thing you can count on: No two drinks will be exactly alike.

Ward III, 111 Reade St. (at West Broadway); 212-240-9194 or ward3tribeca.com