Locavore LA Chefs Neal Fraser, Simon Dolinky, Josie Le Balch And Amy Sweeney Give Recipes With Seasonal Ingredients

For the best ingredients, L.A. chefs go to the source--the farmers

We Californians are blessed when it comes to sourcing great local ingredients.

From sustainably raised meats and organic produce to local dairies and bakers, you can find pretty much anything here year-round. And the chefs love it.

How do we know? We tracked down four of L.A.'s most locally minded chefs and asked them each for a great, in-season recipe inspired by one of their favorite farms. And it's all right here, in one neat, print-and-stain PDF.

Simon Dolinky's "dirt-to-table" philosophy at Blvd 16 leads him not only to the best farmers, but even to their fields. It's the farmers' commitment and focused approach, says Ammo's Amy Sweeney, that makes their produce stand out. And Josie Le Balch (of Josie Restaurant) buys from many different farmers, but she clamors for tomatoes from Coastal Organics.

There's a reason why chefs like to buy direct from the farmers, says Grace's Neal Fraser: When you have perfectly fresh ingredients, there's not much you have to do to them to create a great meal.