Pop An Heirloom-LA Savory 'Cupcake' In The Oven And...done

Pop an Heirloom-LA savory 'cupcake' in the oven and...done

When you think of cupcakes, a sweet, icing-slathered cake usually comes to mind–unless you're Heirloom-LA chef Matthew Poley. His savory "lasagnettes" will turn the cupcake world on its head.

After working up the ranks at Angelini Osteria, Poley perfected fresh-made pastas for his catering company. And now many of his creations are available for retail.

Although ravioli and cavatelli are a specialty, when Poley wanted to create the ultimate one-serving meal, he thought: lasagna cupcakes. "They're convenient," he says. "It's pasta that you can eat with your hands." Well, not quite. But the frozen six-ounce lasagnas are as eye-catching as their namesake dessert.

Standard lasagnette flavors include the tender green pasta layered with wild boar ragu, or bright pink beet pasta with fresh ricotta and golden beet puree. But don't miss the seasonal offerings like golden egg pasta bursting with roasted corn and mascarpone cheese, or with carrot, romanesco and burrata. After 30 minutes in the oven, they come out caramelized on top and perfectly melted inside.

For now, you can order the lasagnas direct from Heirloom-LA ($6 each; minimum of six). Poley also sells his handmade pastas and sauces at Silverlake Wine after select Sunday tastings–the next one takes place on August 30.