Founder Rick Field's Picks And The People's Pickle Available At Union Square Greenmarket | Tasting Table NYC

The people have spoken--and Rick's Picks has answered

Rick Field of Rick's Picks has a simple way of dreaming up his innovative, wildly addictive pickles: He asks himself, "What do I feel like eating? What's no one else making?"

His answers have led him to create unusual varieties, like soy-wasabi green beans, curried green tomatoes and pickled asparagus–and landed him a national following.

But when it came to creating his latest invention, The People's Pickle, things worked a bit differently. "People would come up to me at the market and say, "Where's your deli-style garlic pickle?"

In response, Field fiddled with classic deli-pickle recipes and added his own twist– coriander–which is traditionally found in some barrel-fermented pickle varieties but not in the typical deli version. His recipe also includes loads of garlic, dill and vinegar–and a touch of salt.

The result is The People's Pickle, a crunchy, zingy (and low-sodium) sandwich-transformer.

The People's Pickle just launched at specialty food shops and Whole Foods stores nationally; tomorrow, Field will debut a local NYC version, made with cucumbers from Rick Pedersen's Seneca Castle farm. He'll be selling the pickles for $7 a jar at the Union Square Greenmarket ($8 online). If you catch him there, who knows: Maybe you'll inspire his next great pickle.