Fresh Melons From Weiser Family Farms In Santa Monica And Venice

It's time for Weiser Family Farms' sweet summer fruit

They might look similar, but not all melons are created equal. There are the standard store-bought cantaloupe and honeydew, and then there are melons from Weiser Family Farms. You'll definitely taste the difference.

The Weisers use sustainable farming techniques at their Greater Bakersfield-area farms and pick the fruit at the peak of ripeness. They have eight different varieties that are just starting to hit the markets, all with a characteristically juicy flesh and a sweet-as-candy taste.

Avoid ones that are too soft, or with cracked or scarred skin–or just ask the Weiser stall attendants to pick a good one for you. Here are some varieties you'll find now:

Butterscotch These supersweet, small melons have two-toned orange and green flesh. Serve with fresh paper-thin slices of prosciutto or jamón Ibérico.

Cavaillon With a high sugar content and fragrant, bright-orange flesh, these heirloom melons are great in chilled soups.

Ogen This variety has yellow and green stripes on its delicate rind. The flesh is pale green, with a tropical aroma. Serve in wedges sprinkled with fresh lime juice and chile powder.

Sugar Queen This oblong melon has a juicy orange flesh. Buying tip: If the rind is yellow, it may be overripe. Mix the pureed flesh into melon margaritas.

Look for Weiser Family Farms melons at farmers' markets around town, and at the Santa Monica and Venice locations of Whole Foods.