People's Pops Popsicles In Brooklyn

People's Pops has summer's freshest frozen treats licked

Last summer, Nathalie Jordi and her partners, David Carrell and Joel Horowitz, launched People's Pops under less-than-ideal circumstances: They made their frozen treats in a borrowed kitchen, ferried them to market in a rental car and hawked their goods sans permit (don't tell the City of New York).

But this summer, People's Pops is back–and fully legal–with a commercial kitchen in Coney Island, a Craigslist-sourced van and a stack of licenses, permits and permissions to prove it.

The popsicles are still made from all-natural ingredients and height-of-season farmers'-market fruit, but now they're just a lot easier to find, at regular booths at the Fort Greene and Dumbo locations of the Brooklyn Flea and pop-up stands in Battery Park.

The trio is bringing back fan favorites like watermelon-cucumber and strawberries and cream, and tinkering with new combinations. They tweak their recipes and business plan as they go, which has led to some delicious discoveries and offbeat ideas: When farmers'-market herbs were uninspiring, they paired blueberries with black tea instead (click here for the recipe); when it rained for weeks straight, they started a CSA-style popsicle delivery service.

And for companies looking for cheap catering options, they'll bring fresh pops right to the office–they've even offered to send servers on roller skates.