Early Bird Granola By Nekisia Davis; Available At Brooklyn Flea, Murray's Cheese, And The Brooklyn Larder In New York City

Early Bird catches our breakfast

Nekisia Davis is a bit of an olive-oil freak. "I use it for everything," she says. "On my toast before the jam, in cakes when I am baking, to finish my eggs in the morning." And it's this obsession that sets her Early Bird Granola apart.

Last year, fed up with flabby, oversweet and boring breakfast medleys, the former Franny's manager (pictured) started experimenting with her own granola blend.

The winning recipe includes all of Davis's favorite ingredients: toasted pecans, coconut flakes, crisp oats, pumpkin seeds, maple syrup–all slowly baked with a healthy amount of olive oil. Add a generous amount of salt, and the result is addictive granola that's at once sweet and salty, crisp and nutty.

At first, Davis sold only to friends and Franny's regulars, but then Martha Stewart got a bag and decided it was A Good Thing (click here for recipe and video).

Now, Early Bird is a mainstay at pedigreed shops like The Brooklyn Larder and Murray's Cheese–as well as the Brooklyn Flea.

Still, Early Bird remains a one-woman operation: Davis makes the granola in a commercial kitchen, bags and delivers it herself, then works the Flea every weekend.