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Flawless food-and-beer pairing online

Wine sommeliers spend years sharpening their skills, sniffing and swishing hundreds of vintages so they can suggest perfect pairings for any meal. If you want to match such expertise in the world of beer, however, look no further than

Run by beer wholesalers, this site recently unveiled its Online Sommelier application. Infused with pairing recommendations from beer judge Eric McKay, Brooklyn Brewery brewmaster Garrett Oliver and the late, eminent beer writer Michael Jackson, the computerized matchmaker removes any confusion from flavor-pairing craft brews with food at any meal.

Start by selecting a main ingredient and meal from the site's 250-dish selection, which extends far beyond the beer-standard pizza and burgers to include fragrant Indian biryanis, juicy pork dumplings, rich chocolate truffles and the entire stinky-soft-savory cheese spectrum.

From there, the tool presents appropriate beer styles and selections (grilled lamb goes great with Blue Point's Toasted Lager), as well as a map of where the brews can be purchased near you.

The site's suggestions are consistently spot on. As for your meal, well, that's up you.