This New Food Film Won't Leave You Hungry

This new food film won't leave you hungry

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The summer's most terrifying minute of film doesn't involve mutinous robots or Will Ferrell outrunning a marauding T-Rex: No, it's a hangar-size chicken coop, where a sea of dirty feathers awaits its turn to become your dinner.

Food Inc., which opens in select cities on June 12, is a documentary that looks inside the American agribusiness machine to show us both the gears that make it move (genetically modified crops, industrial meatpackers, McDonald's) and the destruction it leaves behind (indie farmers, exploited workers and unhealthy consumers).

We've heard this bit before: Our diet is a corn-based lab experiment, our meat is filthy, our government shacks up with Corporate Agriculture, but whereas Super Size Me poked fun at our codependent relationship with industrialized food–and Fast Food Nation Hollywood-ified it–Food Inc. makes it crucially hyperreal.

Anchored by Eric Schlosser and Michael Pollan, the film is full of chilling footage of feedlots, slaughterhouses and farmers bullied by the Soylent-like seed company Monsanto, all set to a dark, horror-flick-worthy soundtrack.

Watch the trailer here, but be warned: Once you see where the popcorn and chicken fingers come from, you'll probably skip that trip to the refreshment stand.