An Online Depot For The Country's Best Small-Batch Foods

An online depot for the country's best small-batch foods

Whenever we discover a great new jam or cheese at the local farmers' market, we wonder how many other artisan-made finds we're missing out on from all the markets we don't get to visit.

We're no longer in the dark, thanks to Foodzie, an online marketplace that finds the nation's best small producers and sells their wares in one convenient place.

Handpicked and taste-tested by a small team of food geeks, Foodzie's products can be browsed by category (natch), but it's more fun to shop via the site's Google map for local and far-flung producers.

Zoom in on Maine and you'll find Quoddy Mist Sea Salt, harvested locally and infused with dulse and sea lettuce. California offers Bravo Farms' herby Western Sage Cheddar and Michigan represents with Maitelates' Alfajores sampler box, an assortment of buttery, dulce de leche-filled cookies. New Yorkers can stock up on Rick's Picks wasabi-pickled green beans or NYC Breakfast Tea from Tavalon.

The Foodzie folks also want you to know who's behind the goods. The site's blog includes interviews with producers and highlights new additions to Foodzie's artisan community, like the amazing bacon-fat caramels we never knew existed.