That's The Question. And StillTasty Has The Answer.

That's the question. And StillTasty has the answer.

"Best Before," "Sell By" and "Expires On" are all terms that can give any cook fits, especially if the date on the ingredient in question is

tomorrow–or yesterday. But before you throw those month-old eggs or dubious garlic (and your money) in the trash, double-check their freshness with StillTasty, the ultimate shelf-life guide.

Created by a food-safety expert and her journalist daughter, this new website has when-to-toss guidelines for every imaginable food and beverage in its searchable database (yes, even beer goes bad). It also offers invaluable prep talk–should raw chicken be rinsed before cooking? (answer: no)–and ingenious tips for storing and repurposing leftovers, like freezing red wine in ice-cube trays to use, up to six months later, in sauces and braises.

Whether your clams are fresh, canned or frozen, a quick Still Tasty search can save you from wild guesses and wasted money–two types of food scares you won't have to worry about.