Van Glad's Blenheim Hill Sorghum Syrup At At The Union Square And Tucker Square Greenmarkets In New York City

Move over maple: There's a new syrup in town

You've poured maple syrup–maybe even molasses–on your pancakes, but few of us Yankees have experienced the wonders of sorghum.

This lesser-known sweetener is mostly unheard of north of the Mason-Dixon–and even harder to find. That is, until Tony Van Glad decided to make his own and sell it at city farmers' markets.

This upstate New York farmer already knew syrup–he and brother Andy produce maple syrup under the Wood Homestead brand–and saw sorghum as way to combine his two passions. He could grow the sugarcane-like plant in his fields, then boil its juice down in his maple-sap evaporator.

Van Glad's Blenheim Hill Sorghum Syrup is a lovely, whiskey-colored treat that's deeply flavored but not overwhelming, like a brown-sugary blend of honey and molasses. You can bake with it–try it in ginger cookies or banana bread–but it's also perfect on pancakes, even better on biscuits and outstanding on granola and Greek yogurt.

Blenheim Hill Sorghum Syrup is available at the Union Square and Tucker Square Greenmarkets on Saturdays. Or visit for information about ordering by e-mail and phone.