Say "Buona Pasqua" With A Legendary Italian Easter Cake

Say "Buona Pasqua" with a legendary Italian Easter cake

We've always envied the trappings of a traditional Italian Easter: While we gnaw on chocolate bunnies and sweaty ham, they enjoy roasted goat and Colomba Pasquale, a moist, orange-scented cake that's the Easter counterpart to Christmastime panettone. This year we're finally getting in on the fun by ordering a colomba from one of Italy's most famous bakeries.

Made at Milan's 185-year-old Antica Pasticicceria Marchesi, the cake is painstakingly crafted from a dough made with natural yeast and hop leaves, which is then blended with fresh Italian butter and candied Sicilian oranges. The dough is baked in the shape of a dove (or some approximation of a dove) and topped with crunchy sugar and almonds before being rushed to Bronx-based importer Gustiamo.

If you can't finish your colomba at Easter brunch–perhaps with a glass of Prosecco–save the leftovers for French toast or a divine bread pudding.

Colomba Pasquale is $75, plus shipping, from