Delivery Local Goods From Community Supported Agriculture In New York City: CSA, Local Meat, Local Dairy

Alternative CSAs bring meat, dairy and more to your doorstep

Nothing says springtime in New York like community-supported agriculture. But before you re-up your regular share of mixed produce and call it a day, consider this new crop of other foods now available on a subscription basis.

The basic concept is the same: You purchase a full or half-share of a supplier's upcoming yield and receive scheduled food deliveries in return. This allows small-scale suppliers who need up-front capital to get in on the action. And because a number of these alt-CSAs also offer home delivery, there's no concern about missed pick-ups. Here are four worth the investment:

Meat The Brooklyn Kitchen is bringing monthly deliveries of pasture-raised chicken ($5.50 a pound; $10 deposit required) and half ($11 a pound, $75 deposit) and whole lambs ($10.50 a pound; $150 deposit) from upstate New York's Awesome Farm (pictured) to its Williamsburg shop. Pick-up begins June 20.

Bread This summer, Hot Bread Kitchen will partner with a handful of local CSAs to offer bread shares ($180). Shareholders can expect to receive corn tortillas, artisanal loaves and the bakery's crispy lavash nine times during the season.

Seafood Upper Meadows Farm in Montague, New Jersey–which supplies the Hell's Kitchen CSA–offers wild-caught seafood (clams, scallops and assorted fish) from local fishermen to premium shareholders ($845 for CSA membership, plus $105 a week). Non-premium shareholders can purchase fish on a per-order basis.

Dairy Though it's not a CSA in the traditional sense, Manhattan Milk nevertheless delivers farm-fresh cheese, eggs, milk and yogurt from local farms to your doorstep every Wednesday. No subscription necessary; delivery service begins April 21.