Bagels And Lox At Acme Smoked Fish | Williamsburg, NYC

Acme Smoked Fish's once-a-week feeding frenzy

Start your Sunday bagel-and-lox binge on Friday morning with a trip to Acme Smoked Fish. During the week, this Greenpoint smokehouse supplies restaurants and specialty shops with some of the nation's best smoked salmon, sable and herring; on Fridays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., Acme opens its doors to retail traffic and sells its delicacies at significantly reduced prices.

"It's like a treasure hunt," says Richard Schiff, Acme's general manager. "On certain items, you'll spend a third of what you would at a store." Schiff recommends the Nova backs and the whitefish, which runs just $6 a pound (cash only). Save even more by buying large chunks of salmon and doing the slicing yourself (a liberal dose of cream cheese will camouflage your less-than-paper-thin fish). And Acme's smoked sable is fantastic layered on a sesame bagel and sprinkled with capers.

A trip to Acme is a mini adventure. To get to the shop, you have to enter through the loading dock; if you feel like you're in the wrong spot, you're almost there. "Look for the blue doors," says Schiff. "And remember to park legally."

Acme Smoked Fish Corp., 30 Gem St. (at N. 15th St.), Brooklyn; 718-383-8585 or