Fresh Milk From Milk Men Dairy In From Hudson Valley Fresh In New York City

Hudson Valley Fresh does our bodies good

Anyone who's ever spent time on a farm can tell you there's nothing like ultrafresh milkā€“not straight from the cow, of course, but the closer the better. And now, thanks to Hudson Valley Fresh, city dwellers can experience milk the almost-old-fashioned way.

Sam Simon, a retired orthopedic surgeon, launched this New York dairy co-operative in 2004 after he purchased a 150-acre Hudson Valley dairy from one of his patients. Simon soon discovered that it cost more to produce high-quality milk than he made selling it through industrial distribution channels. The solution: Hudson Valley Fresh, which provides farmers with a better way to get fresh milk to their customers. The co-operative's milk is now available at markets all over the city.

Hudson Valley Fresh milk tastes better because it is fresher, typically traveling from udder to shelf in less than 36 hours. Since it's only distributed locally, none of the milk is ultrapasteurized; as a result, the milk's taste and texture aren't diminished. Plus, Hudson Valley Fresh maintains quality benchmarks five times higher than federal standards mandate. Simon grows most of his cows' food on the farm, feeding them a diet rich in hay, which boosts the milk's omega-3 content. And happy cows mean happy milk drinkers.

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