Beer Pairings For Thanksgiving Dinner From Sommelier Aviram Turgeman At Café D'Alsace's In New York City

Drink what the Pilgrims drank at their Thanksgiving feast: beer

The thought of beer on Thanksgiving might conjure images of your uncle, Budweiser in hand, nodding off as the Giants thrash the Lions. But ales and lagers deserve a place on the Thanksgiving table; after all, that's what the Pilgrims drank at their inaugural feast.

To find the right pairings for a classic spread, we sought advice from New York's first beer sommelier, Café D'Alsace's Aviram Turgeman. Here are his easy-to-find picks:

Turkey with gravy This classic American dish calls for a classic American ale like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, which has a good malty weight and enough hoppiness to cut through the gravy's richness.

Baked ham For this popular turkey alternative, Anchor Steam delivers smoky, malty and spicy notes that go well with fruity glazes.

Stuffing A slightly sweet, higher-alcohol Belgian dubbel, such as the spicy Grimbergen Dubbel, provides a lovely foil for stuffing's salty, doughy pleasures.

Sweet potatoes To offset their sweetness, pour a light beer with a crisp hoppiness and a tough of acidity, like Czech Pilsner Urquell.

Pumpkin pie Instead of too-obvious pumpkin ale, try EKU 28, a fruity German Doppelbock packed with honey, apple, clove and cinnamon flavors.

All of these beers are available in the beer room at Whole Foods Bowery, 95 E. Houston St. (between the Bowery and Second Ave.); 212-420-1320 or