Greek Food And Greek Market At Titan Shop In Queens

New York's best Greek market is a one-stop party shop

We expected to find New York's best Greek supermarket in Astoria, but we were truly surprised to discover just how much Titan lives up to its nameā€”and how many bargains it stocks.

Push past the aisles of Hellenic blue-and-white soccer jerseys, aluminum wine beakers and plug-in religious icons to get to the wonderful cook's playground: The olive bar offers a dozen regional varieties (from nafplio to halkidiki and agriniou), and the cheese counter stocks 10 different kinds of feta.

Ask for some of the superthick pressed cow's- and-goat's-milk yogurt that's kept behind the counter, and embellish it at home with intense Greek honey and walnuts. And don't skip the freezers: Titan sells meaty artichoke bottoms (far better than canned) and hard-to-find quail and rabbit.

Titan is also a great one-stop shop for parties. Stock up on trays of flaky phyllo spinach and cheese pies and juicy marinated pork and lamb skewers. Round out a feast with house-made melitzana (smoky eggplant salad), taramosalata (a creamy caviar-based dip) and tzatsiki. The bakery turns out fresh pita bread and every sweet pastry that's ever been made with phyllo and shredded-wheat-like kataifi.

Titan, 25-56 31st St., Astoria; 718-626-7771 or