Local Honey From Let It Bees At Murray's Cheese In New York City

Let It Bee's local honeys are nothing to sneeze at

Does local honey help fight allergies? The jury is still out, but it works for us. Since we began eating a spoonful each day during peak sneeze season, Claritin™ has become a distant memory.

Now Manhattan has a new local honey, made from the same flowers responsible for all that pesky, sinus-clogging pollen. Let It Bee's Manhattan Rooftop honey ($12 for 12 oz) is collected from an undisclosed rooftop on the Upper East Side by Charles Branch and Christine Lehner. It's dark and incredibly runny (our keyboard is proof), with a pleasant, woodsy flavor, thanks to the maple and acacia trees in nearby Carl Schurz Park.

The couple also produces a lighter, spicier honey from hives they keep at their home in Hastings-on-Hudson and nearby Westchester. If you spend weekends upstate, we recommend picking up a jar of each.

Let It Bee honeys are available at Murray's Cheese, 254 Bleecker St.; 212-243-3289 or murrayscheese.com