The Best Coffee Shops Across The US For Your Morning Cup Of Joe

Kicking the day off with coffee has become a necessary (and highly-anticipated) part of many of our morning routines. For true coffee lovers, finding a local coffee shop that feels like home is everything. It's a place to unwind, grab a coffee or fancy latte, catch up with the bests, or find a cozy nook to curl up in with a book. If you're lucky enough to have a great neighborhood coffee spot, your barista may even know your standard order by heart and have your cup or mug waiting for you by the time you reach the counter. Even when you're road tripping with your best pals or on a sweet getaway with your partner, scoping out the coolest coffee shops is always part of the itinerary.

So whether you're traveling or simply have yet to find "your place" that feels like home, we here at Tasting Table have you covered. We understand that walking into a coffee shop and getting that familiar aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans is an experience like no other. That's why we're helping out fellow coffee lovers with this roundup of the absolute best coffee shops across the country that you should check out. This way, you can travel with peace of mind knowing that there's most likely a great cup of joe someplace close by. The barista won't know your favorite brew, but they'll be happy that you stopped by and will be sure to set you up with some cool beans.

Felix Roasting Co. in New York, New York

When entering the doors of Felix Roasting Co. on New York City's Park Avenue South, one would think they were arriving at an upscale hotel. From the roasting company's beautiful glass double door entrance to the luxe drapery on the front windows, to the elegant terrazzo floor, to the beautiful artwork that hangs on the walls and mural that was drawn by hand, (We could go on all day.) clearly this visit is not just about coffee.

This establishment is the exquisite, inspiring gathering place the owners intended it to be when they opened in 2018. Whether you're in the mood for a coffee cocktail or an artfully crafted espresso drink, Felix Roasting Co. offers it all, including house-made almond milk (via TripAdvisor). Smoked s'mores latte anyone? Or how about an espresso tonic? Felix has you covered. If you're an urbanite who has yet to explore this true gem in the concrete jungle, either location (SoHo or NoMad) is bound to be your new favorite spot to get social with the crew. 

One Tripadvisor review says, "My new casual meeting spot. I chanced upon Felix Roasting earlier this year and have wholeheartedly adopted it as my new casual meeting location." Eater dubbed Felix one of the "most outstanding coffee shops" in NYC for outdoor dining or takeout, and all of the reviewers on TripAdvisor have given Felix five stars. So what are you waiting for? Smoked cocktails and Instagram ops await.

Alfred in Los Angeles, California

If you're looking for creative coffee, an trendy atmosphere, and stellar customer service, check out Alfred Coffee. Everything about Alfred is undeniably cool, including the coffee brand's mission, which is "for every person to walk out of our cafes as thrilled with their experience as they are with their drink." In fact, you don't even have to walk out of their café. Alfred wants you to be so comfortable that you can text them your coffee order, and they'll deliver it to you.

Alfred has 15 shops across Los Angeles, Austin, and Tokyo (with their flagship location being on Melrose Place in LA), and each location is completely and purposely unique. You can visit and order up Alfred's "World Famous" Iced Vanilla Latte, which is a double shot of espresso and milk with a touch of homemade vanilla — made with real vanilla bean, of course! (FYI — people are raving about it on Yelp.) You may want to try an Oat Cappuccino, which is traditional espresso and microfoam that has an oaty spin ... or how about a Thai Milk Tea With Boba? We can't forget to give Alfred's limited-edition sips a notable mention as well, like their Maple Bourbon Cold Brew, Persimmon Spice Latte, and Caramel Hojicha Latte.

You can't go wrong with any order, and you'll surely want to grab some Instagram snaps of your drink in front of one of Alfred's neon signs of their trademarked tagline, "But First, Coffee."

Mom 'n 'em Coffee in Cincinnati, Ohio

You'll love the sips and treats at Mom 'n 'em Coffee, but you'll love the coffee shop's sweet story even more. Mom 'n 'em operates out of an adorable house, and owners Tony and Austin Ferrari dedicated the shop to their mom, Theresa. In fact, the shop opened up on Mother's Day in 2019. The coffee spot gets its name from a radio station their dad used to stream, where "Hey, how is your mom 'n 'em doing?" was a regular question asked during the show. The saying caught on in the Ferrari family, and now we're blessed with Mom 'n 'em Coffee on the corner of Colerain and Bates in Cincinnati, Ohio.

By day, Mom 'n 'em serves up tasty breakfast treats, pastries, coffee, and tea. By night, it's a hopping spot for wine, cocktails, and tinned fishes. Whether it's a scheduled bistro night or another fun event Mom 'n 'em has going on, you'll love hanging out there. Consider booking Mom 'n 'em's mobile coffee cart for a special event of your own. How about planning a garden bridal shower brunch with assorted coffees or a neighborhood block party, complete with potluck baked goods?

Sommelier Austin Ferrari shares with Tasting Table, "The regulars and newcomers all sense a place of calm and always tell us that Mom 'n 'em makes them feel like they just stepped out of Cincinnati," so you know you'll feel right at home at Mom 'n 'em.

Lucky Lab Coffee Co. in Austin, Texas

If you're a dog lover, you'll love the sweet pup pics on Lucky Lab Coffee Co.'s website, and if you also love coffee, well, you will plain ole' be obsessed with Lucky Lab in Austin, Texas. Their belief is that "good people, happy dogs, and a great cup of coffee makes the world a better place," and we are so on board with their way of thinking.

Stop in with your BFF — aka best furry friend — and try a coffee flight on a hand-carved wood flight board or Lucky Lab's Rosemary Vanilla Bean Sweet Cream Latte, which is a rosemary sweet cream that's brought to another level with fresh vanilla bean. Or, if you love lavender, you'll want to order a Lavender Blueberry Latte, which is a delightful combo of espresso shots and Lucky Lab's classic lavender syrup that's blueberry-infused. It's extra delicious when paired with oat milk, and you'll be glad you did. 

Don't stop there, though, because that would be a sin. For the ultimate snack to enjoy with your coffee, you absolutely must grab a vanilla chai muffin, raspberry thyme hand-pie, espresso chocolate scone, or made-from-scratch Pop-Tart. According to the Austin Chronicle, Lucky Lab is home to the "Best Homemade Pop-Tarts," so you best believe your palate will be in for a treat. Be forewarned ... you may even need to buy a hoodie with Lucky Lab's "puppies and coffee" logo on it, because they're just that cute!

Lorca Coffee Bar in Stamford, Connecticut

This Spanish-inspired coffee bar in Stamford, Connecticut is, well, undoubtedly love at first sip. Serving locals and travelers alike for eight years, Lorca Coffee Bar makes everything fresh, including empanadas, alfajores (which are Argentinian dulce de leche-stuffed shortbread cookies), and churros with chocolate (which is their signature dish). There is so much more on the menu, it's too much to even mention! 

As far as coffee is concerned, Lorca knows how to serve it up like a champ. You can grab a cappuccino, latte, or cortado, in addition to their signature sips like tres leches with cold brew and their lorchata (which is a horchata-cold brew hybrid). Be prepared to admire and snap a pic of their latte art, because it definitely deserves some Instagram attention.

From the "NYC café vibe" description that one Yelp reviewer smartly gave it, to the "best coffee shop in CT" of another, Lorca is a must-try. Lorca owner Leyla Dam tells Tasting Table, "I opened it in 2012 inspired by my upbringing in Southern Spain to bring a taste of Spain to Connecticut." It's safe to say, you will fall in love with Lorca. In fact, The Huffington Post named Lorca in their article, "The Best Places for Coffee in Every State." And coffee isn't the only think you'll enjoy at this café. According to Hey Stamford, Lorca also hosts lots of fun happenings such as book clubs and signings, as well as tea and coffee tastings.

Muchacho in Atlanta, Georgia

Imagine a local coffee shop that is so fun inside, not only because of the décor, but also because you can enjoy an incredible selection of coffee, tacos, margs, and beer all at the same place. Yes, you heard that correctly, and no you are not dreaming! The idea actually works — and works well. You are sorely missing out if you don't check out Muchacho in Atlanta, Georgia. This coffee shop know's what's up, and it's quite possibly one of the raddest places on earth to grab a brew, some awesome bites, and chill a while — and then maybe switch over to margs.

You can grab an espresso drink, like a latte, cappuccino, Americano, or cortado. Or, if you're a traditional coffee drinker, you can get a cup of coffee, a cold brew, or an iced coffee. Just be sure to pair whatever java you order with an espresso cookie, blueberries n' cream cookie, or even a jam toast.

Muchacho's cool vibe doesn't stop at their coffee shop. You can enjoy their "listening room" on their website. So order a coffee and have it delivered, then crank up the tunes if you'd like to stay in your PJs all day long. Or, head to Muchacho and enjoy the retro, groovy décor that you just won't even be able to get enough of. Travel + Leisure dubbed Muchacho one of "The Coolest Coffee Shops in the U.S.," so you know it's a must-visit.

Ali'i Coffee in Honolulu, Hawaii

You'll feel right at home when you walk into this quaint coffee shop and are greeted by the aroma of fresh roasted coffee. You'll love Ali'i Coffee's chalkboard menu that lists their cold brews, espresso drinks, and food. You can grab a stool and feel just like one of the locals. Of course, you'll have to bring an empty stomach to order one of the shop's heavenly cinnamon sweet breads (Hawaiian thick-cut sweet bread, sugar, cinnamon, butter, and berries) to pair with your coffee.

Fueled by their complete love for coffee, owners James Webb and Will Gold started Ali'i Coffee in Honolulu, Hawaii. Expect to have a freshly brewed, "roast to order," warm-your-heart-and-soul kind of cup of deliciousness at this spot, because these owners choose great coffee beans from various countries, as well as local farms, and roast their beans fresh for your sipping pleasure.

Their cold brews on tap are so unique, like The "King," which has coconut, chocolate, almond/coconut cream, and half & half. Or, try a coffe-tail like the Almond Roca, which contains almond, caramel, chocolate, and half & half. So many choices, and all of them are good — take our word for it!

One Yelper wrote, "The moment you walk in you know you have stepped into paradise ... The people. The culture. The experience. This is my go to place for reflection while sipping coffee and dreaming about the possibilities of life," and we're sure you'll agree.

Vault in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Coffee, loose leaf tea, frozen hot chocolate, and delicious treats ... oh my! This fun gathering place prides itself on being the spot to converse, make memories, and, of course, enjoy some heavenly coffee, open seven days a week from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Locally roasted, Vault's espresso and coffee can be enjoyed in a building that's rich in local history. Their very building was constructed in 1904 for the Exchange National Bank of Coeur d'Alene. At one time, the building was a pharmacy, an ice cream parlor, and also Coeur d'Alene's library.

The first thing you'll want to do upon arrival is order a coffee flight tasting slate with five different drinks so you can have your brews and drink them, too. Have a taste of Vault's honey lavender latte, and sip a caramel layered latte as well. You're going to love some goodies to go along with your tasting, like a ham and cheese croissant or a blueberry puff.

In addition to coffee and tasty eats, you can shop some pretty cool items, some of which are made locally. For example, you can treat yourself to Cloister Honey's lavender whipped honey that'll make your tea time at home pretty spectacular. Or, grab a bag or two of Creekside Mallow Co.'s gourmet marshmallows in various flavors such as chocolate chip, cookies & cream, strawberry shortcake, and huckleberry. Your next s'more night around your fire pit just got a major upgrade.

Vintage Coffee Café in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

If you've never visited the Charleston, South Carolina area, you've missed out on enjoying a truly charming Southern town that you'd absolutely fall in love with. Vintage Coffee Café truly depicts the quaintness of the area with its cottage structure and rustic décor, and would make your visit complete. Not only does this adorable spot serve coffee, espresso, breakfast items, and gourmet sandwiches, but they also prepare wood-fired pizza and have a playground to boot. You can bring the entire family — and by the entire family, we mean your fur baby as well, because dogs are welcome.

From Vintage Coffee Café's various flavors of pour-over coffee to their café au lait complete with half steamed milk, this is the perfect spot for an afternoon break. The espresso choices are a real treat, too, like their macchiato, which is a double espresso topped with foam loveliness on top. Be sure to try a syrup in your coffee or espresso, including yummy flavors like hazelnut, caramel or mocha.

You can enjoy their charming outdoor seating with café and picnic tables behind a sweet picket fence, or embrace the cozy indoor seating. The cinnamon bun French toast or avocado toast with homemade tomato onion marmalade is going to taste delicious wherever you sit — trust us on that one.

Milktooth in Indianapolis, Indiana

Not only has Milktooth been serving up some pretty great cups of coffee since 2014, but they also have a keen sense of humor. Their about page quotes American poet Jim Harrison: "The idea is to eat well and not die from it — for the simple reason that that would be the end of your eating." Needless to say, live it up, and sip it up at Milktooth.

Although Milktooth is actually a restaurant and not just a coffee shop, you can kick back and enjoy a tasty bottomless drip, espresso, cortado, or latte. If you want a drink that's more on the unique side, check out Milktooth's Browned Butter (which is espresso, milk, brown butter, and citrus), Lispector (espresso, milk, and red ruby beet chocolate), or Good Mornin Chiquita (espresso, orange blossom water, banana vanilla syrup, and lemon peel). 

As a matter of fact, why not savor your coffee drink along with a slice of vegan lemon olive oil cake with blackberry coconut glaze, just because? Or maybe an almond croissant cinnamon bun with bee pollen frosting is more your jam. Whatever delicious pastry or treat you decide to enjoy with your coffee, your taste buds will thank you. Milktooth was selected as one of the best coffee shops across the U.S. by the Food Network, so you know it deserves a spot on your java bucket list.

Onyx Coffee Lab in Rogers, Arkansas

The Onyx Coffee Lab folks travel throughout the globe to find the most extraordinary coffees for their customers. For example, their Tanzania Lloma Natural coffee is from the villages of Mafumbo (Mozambique) and Lloma. This aromatic coffee boasts delicious strawberry and floral notes. Or maybe Onyx Coffee Lab's Ecuador Hacienda La Papaya Natural sounds more like your cup of joe, which has traces of rose hip and molasses. A fair warning: After taking a sip of the lab's coffee, you may never want to grab coffee from anywhere else again. You might may even find yourself following Onyx's mantra, which is "Never Settle for Good Enough."

Whimsical hanging plants, exposed brick, and the open, airy vibe at Onyx's headquarters location in Rogers, Arkansas will make you want to stay awhile and order a freshly prepared pastry, breakfast sandwich, or avocado toast. Onyx's additional locations include a quaint shop in Fayetteville and two locations in Bentonville (one of which is steps away from the downtown square).

Beyond the impeccable coffee selection and overall vibe, (The five-star Yelp reviews speak for themselves.) Onyx Coffee Lab offers pretty rad classes where you can learn all about the art of preparing your own coffee and the process behind it. Whether you're a home barista or a diehard coffee lover, you can learn everything there is to know about coffee making, from sourcing beans, to roasting them, to brewing an amazing cup of java you can completely enjoy.

SEY in Brooklyn, New York

SEY's motto is "drink beautiful coffee," and that's exactly what you'll do when you have a cup at SEY, a modern roastery located in Brooklyn's trendy Williamsburg neighborhood. From their Reina de Saba Gesha roast, which is a floral blend of honeysuckle, jasmine, ripe strawberry, fresh peach, and citrus oil, to their Ethiopian Refisa blend of floral notes, tropical fruits, and lemon verbena, you are in for a seriously unique cup of goodness.

Named 2019's Best Coffee Shop in America by Food & Wine, SEY prides itself on delivering dynamic, fresh, and the very finest coffees they can with each and every cup. Stop in and enjoy the cool greenhouse-like ambiance, with plenty of plants, and delicious coffee. (And you absolutely cannot leave without ordering a flakey almond croissant!) You'll likely enjoy the coffee so much, that you'll want to sign up for a monthly subscription so you can receive pre-released blends and exclusive offers of seasonal blends. We promise — you'll SEY it's the best cup around.