Why You Should Always Read The Label When Buying Club Soda

Whether you enjoy drinking a refreshing glass of sparkling water on its own, or prefer to use club soda as a mixer with spirits, it's worth noting that not all club sodas are equal, so it's always worth checking the label for more information, specifically, the added minerals in each bottle. In its most basic form, club soda is artificially carbonated water which has had mineral salts — including potassium sulphate, sodium chloride, disodium phosphate, and sodium bicarbonate — added to it to enhance its taste and the stability of the bubbles. Subtle differences in flavor can range between brands from salty to almost sweet depending on their level of minerality. So, in addition to reading the label, a taste test of some of the best brands may be in order before deciding on a favorite.

While this might sound heavy on the science, all of the added mineral salts are naturally occurring, added in extremely low levels, and safe to drink occasionally. But anyone who has been advised by their doctor to lower their sodium or potassium intake might want to avoid drinking more than two or three glasses of club soda per day.

Is club soda good or bad for you?

High quality brands of club soda often indicate the water's analytical composition on the label, although the level of detail varies between individual brands. The FDA recommends that carbonated soft drinks must include basic information such as serving size, and the amount of calories, total fat, carbohydrates, sugars, and protein they contain. The amount of sodium (in milligrams per can or bottle) is the only quantity that brands are required to publish by law. In fact, it's the sodium content that gives soda water its name.

However, sparkling waters such as seltzer or club soda can have many health benefits. Drinking club soda and other sparkling waters can aid digestion, and some studies suggest that they can help prevent over-eating by making the stomach feel fuller for longer. Unlike other soft drinks, they contain no fat or sugar, and staying hydrated plays a key role in maintaining a healthy body. Club soda was invented as a stable alternative to natural mineral water, but those who like their fizz to have more of a neutral taste might prefer sticking to seltzer.