12 Best Pizza Places In Lisbon, Portugal, According To A Local

Lisbon, Portugal might not be known for its pizza — which makes sense, considering the vast array of traditional Portuguese foods that tend to steal the spotlight from other kinds of cuisine. But this city has much more to offer than sardines and salt cod. It boasts an incredibly diverse dining scene, reflecting cultural influences from both faraway places and those closer to home — like, for instance, Italy.

There's a stunning selection of pizza places in Lisbon, ranging from casual neighborhood spots to upscale restaurants. You'll find plenty of pizzerias, both traditional and trendy, run by Italians who have relocated to Portugal or by locals who have dedicated their lives to the craft. For this list, I've chosen the ones with the most authentic recipes, high-quality ingredients, creative menu options, and an inviting ambiance.

These selections are based largely on personal experience. I've tried several of them myself, and for the rest, I relied on word of mouth and reputation, as well as online reviews and awards. For more details on how I picked these places, see the methodology section at the end of this article.


This is the one pizza place in Lisbon that I always recommend to visitors (and locals, if they somehow haven't discovered it yet). Retrogusto84 is located in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Anjos in a simple space with a small bar, exposed brick, and a chalkboard menu. You can eat in, order delivery, or call ahead and pick up your pizza from the window on the side of the building.

The pizza itself is Sicilian, but not the rectangular Sicilian-style pizza you might find in New York; in this case, it's round with a super crunchy crust. The menu is seemingly endless, with literally dozens of pizzas to choose from. One thing Retrogusto84 does especially well is vegetarian and vegan pizzas, many of which make use of creative sauces like pistachio pesto and truffle cream in place of cheese (though there's also plant-based mozzarella and burrata).

In addition to the original location, there's another spot called Retrogusto Experience located in the same neighborhood. Here, the focus is on Neapolitan-style pizza with a softer crust. At both places, you can expect delicious dough that's made from three different kinds of flour and matured for at least 48 hours.


Multiple locations

Lupita Pizzaria

Lupita is one of the hottest pizza places in Lisbon at the moment — and it's certainly not overhyped. Set on a corner in Cais do Sodré, close to the famous Pink Street and Time Out Market, it's a tiny space with a relatively small menu to match. There are about a dozen different pizzas on offer, all with a bubbly and blackened Neapolitan-style crust.

Toppings run the gamut from traditional to downright controversial. There's the classic Margherita with tomato, mozzarella, grana padano, basil, and olive oil; a creative take on pepperoni pizza with pickled jalapeños and honey; and one that might even convert the haters with its combo of pineapples, bacon, pickled red onions, and cilantro. About half of the menu is vegetarian, and the vegan pizza is one of my personal all-time favorites, combining caramelized onions, mushrooms, walnut-and-raisin vinaigrette, lemon zest, and mint. Its immense popularity, small size, and no-reservations policy mean it can be tricky to snag a table — but, of course, you can always order online for delivery or drop by for takeaway.


+351 935 002 182

Rua de São Paulo 79, 1200-427 Lisboa, Portugal

Valdo Gatti

This Bairro Alto spot is known for its incredibly tasty sourdough crust, which is made with semi-whole wheat flour from Italy. In fact, virtually all of the ingredients here are sourced from either Italy or Portugal, with an emphasis on organic and sustainable products. The dough is matured and shaped according to traditional methods, and there are plenty of classics on the menu like marinara and quattro formaggi (four cheese).

That said, you'll also find unique pizzas like the baccalà affumicato, which features smoked cod, a vegetable-based green sauce, mozzarella, olives, cherry tomatoes, capers, parsley, and lemon zest. There are six vegetarian options, half of which are vegan or can be made so by subbing in a truly uncanny plant-based ricotta. You can also build your own pizza by choosing your preferred sauce and toppings.

Valdo Gatti offers several starters, salads, pasta, risotto, and homemade desserts — not to mention natural wine, craft beer, and authentic Italian aperitifs and digestifs (after-dinner cocktails). It's open every day for lunch and dinner, including weekends and holidays. There's also a second location called Olga Gatti, which has a slightly different menu and is located in Cacilhas, on the other side of Lisbon's iconic red bridge.


+351 965 277 454

Rua do Grémio Lusitano 13, 1200-211 Lisboa, Portugal

La Matta Pizzeria

La Matta Pizzeria is a firm favorite among locals, featuring a warmly lit indoor space, plenty of outdoor seating, and the cozy vibe of a classic Italian eatery. It's among the highest-rated pizza places in Lisbon on Google and also attracts plenty of tourists thanks to its location in the stunningly scenic district of Graça.

The pizzas are made in a woodfired oven and toppings tend toward the traditional side. Fans of spicy food should order the Diavoletta (with spicy salami), Calabresinha (with nduja sausage), or La Spagnola (with both). The menu features no fewer than nine vegetarian pizzas, three of which are vegan, as well as authentic antipasti and two kinds of lasagna (meat and veggie). If you can't get enough of the deliciously crispy crust, try the somewhat less-than-traditional Nutella pizza for dessert.

La Matta is located on Travessa do Monte, a charming little alleyway right below the famous Miradouro da Senhora do Monte: Lisbon's most spectacular viewpoint. I highly suggest making the trek up the super-steep hill for panoramic views of the city, then stopping for pizza on the way back down. You can also grab drinks at La Lisbonera, pick up a bottle of wine at Locals & Nomads, or indulge in a second dessert at Mú Gelato & Caffè — all just steps away.


+351 218 863 865

Travessa do Monte 22 R/C, 1170-337 Lisboa, Portugal

Forno d'Oro

The title of Lisbon's best pizza may be subjective, but you can't argue with the fact that Forno d'Oro has probably won more awards than any other spot in the city. It's consistently ranked among the top pizza places in Europe and the world, and was even named the best Neapolitan-style pizzeria in the Iberian Peninsula. It's also certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (a non-profit that upholds regulations for genuine Neapolitan pizza), and Ospitalità Italiana (an organization that promotes authentic Italian cuisine abroad).

With all of these credentials, one might assume that the chef himself hails from Naples. But the man behind Forno d'Oro, Tanka Sapkota, is actually from Nepal. After discovering an affinity for Italian cuisine while living in Germany, he made a name for himself in Portugal with both Forno d'Oro and ComePrima, another acclaimed Italian restaurant in Lisbon.

At Forno d'Oro the focus is firmly on Neapolitan-style pies. There are more than 30 different pizzas on the menu, as well as various starters, pastas, and desserts. The vibe here is a bit more upscale than some other pizza places in Lisbon, with bright white decor and a shimmering golden pizza oven. It's located between Rato and Parque Eduardo VII, a bit north of the main tourist areas in a more residential area.


+351 213 879 944

Rua Artilharia 1, 16B, 1250-039 Lisboa, Portugal

M'arrecreo Pizzeria

The name "M'arrecreo" comes from a word in the dialect of Naples: arricrearsi. According to the restaurant's website, it means "to be so satisfied with something that the body regenerates, is reborn, recreates itself." In other words, this is the kind of pizza that speaks straight to your soul. It's Neapolitan-style, baked at exactly 480 C (896 F) in a stone oven and certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana — so you know it's legit.

M'arracreo Pizzeria is the top-ranked pizza place in Lisbon on both Tripadvisor and Restaurant Guru, and it currently has a 4.7-star rating with nearly 2,000 reviews on Google. The menu is extensive, ranging from classics like the M'arracreo (tomato, DOP mozzarella, spicy sausage, nduja, and red onion) to the indulgent cacio e pepe pizza (pecorino cream, mozzarella, black pepper, and guanciale), plus multiple vegetarian and vegan options.

M'arrecreo is located in Bairro Alto, close to the can't-miss viewpoint of São Pedro de Alcântara. The restaurant features low lighting, warm wood, and an open kitchen where you can watch the magic happen while you wait. It's open every day from 12:30 p.m. to 11:30 pm, and reservations can be made online. Keep an eye out for its roaming pizza truck, too, which boasts an authentic woodfired pizza oven on wheels.


+351 910 599 555

Rua de São Pedro de Alcântara 35, 1200-270 Lisboa, Portugal

Pizzeria Romana

Lisbon is packed with Neapolitan pizza places — but Naples isn't the only Italian city with a quintessential style of pizza. Enter Pizzeria Romana: the best place in Lisbon for Roman-style pizza. The original location is actually in Rome and has been open since 1958, but it now has three locations across Lisbon in Alfama, Chiado, and Baixa. Although these are franchises, the staff is rigorously trained in the traditional methods that set the brand apart.

Pizzeria Romana's locations in Chiado and Baixa specialize in pizza al taglio (rectangular pies that are sold by the slice), making them the perfect place to grab a quick bite while you're walking around the city center. Prices range from about €3 to €4 per slice, and I suggest getting at least two or three of them so that you can sample different flavors.

The location in Alfama has a slightly fancier atmosphere where you can sit down for a more relaxed meal. Here the pizzas are large and round, with a thin, crispy crust and organic toppings. Keep it simple with the core de latte (burrata, basil, and cherry tomatoes) or the funghi e prosciutto (mushrooms and cured ham) — or try the delicious vegan pizza with grilled eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes, arugula, black olives, and orange zest.


Primo Basílico

Primo Basílico is a humble snack bar located north of the city center in Areeiro. It doesn't have trendy branding or a shiny social media presence — but considering the quality of its pizza, it doesn't need either. Here the specialty is pizza al taglio (by the slice), although you can also order an entire rectangular pizza for takeaway or delivery. The larger size measures 30 x 40 centimeters (12 x 16 inches) and is meant to be shared; there are also personal pizzas that are half the size.

If you decide to eat in the restaurant, go at lunchtime for the set menu: two slices of pizza, a drink, and coffee for €10. It also offers daily dishes like lasagna, cannelloni, and gnocchi, plus Italian charcuterie boards and traditional appetizers.

The pizza, however, is the star of the show, with more than 20 different flavors on the menu. Highlights include speck and gorgonzola, ham with truffles and ricotta, and sweet potato with smoked cheese and rosemary. There are also four vegan options: mushroom and truffle, zucchini and red onion, tomato and truffle, and arugula and jackfruit. I've tried all four, and can attest that you won't even miss the cheese.


+351 216 072 522

Avenida de Paris 14 A/B, 1000-226 Lisboa, Portugal

Mamma Gaia

Pizza and cocktails — what more could you need? Mamma Gaia combines these two essential elements in a small and inviting space near Lisbon's Green Street (a picturesque alleyway that's covered in plants and perpetually strung with streamers). The restaurant is located on the next street over, right between the neighborhoods of Santa Catarina and Santos.

The menu here is short and sweet, with 10 different pizzas that are all named after Greek deities. The toppings may not look very unique at first glance, but nearly every pizza has an unexpected element. The Metis elevates the classic combo of tomato and oregano with garlic that's been fermented in honey; the Eris complements chouriço (pork sausage) with pickled onion and lemon zest; and the Gaia adds a Portuguese twist by combining sardines and capers. More than half of the menu is vegetarian and you can expect to find at least one vegan option as well.

Mamma Gaia regularly hosts events like DJ sets and creative pop-ups. Previous events have included a Chinese New Year celebration and a Brazilian music night, both featuring limited-edition pizzas to match the theme.


+351 912 297 432

Rua dos Mastros 24, 1200-163 Lisboa, Portugal


Coppola is yet another Neapolitan-style pizza place in Lisbon, but it manages to stand out from the crowd with creative flavor combinations and an undeniably cool vintage vibe. Its location doesn't hurt, either: Praça das Flores is one of the city's most charming squares. Located right between Príncipe Real and the Jardim da Estrela, it's full of greenery and surrounded by fantastic restaurants.

Coppola's signature pizza boasts plenty of surprisingly delicious pairings; think sausage and peppers with maple syrup, or pancetta with potato cream and sweet provolone. There's also a calzone stuffed with stracciatella, fennel sausage, roasted cherry tomatoes, spinach, arugula, and chili flakes. This is an especially great place to go (or order from) if you have any dietary restrictions. The menu includes four vegetarian pizzas and three vegan options, and any pizza can be made gluten-free for a small extra charge.

Head to Coppola on Wednesday night for one of the city's best dinner deals: a Margherita pizza and a cocktail for €14. And although there are a couple of to-die-for desserts on the menu, keep in mind that my favorite gelato place in Lisbon, Nannarella, is just a three-minute walk away.


+351 215 897 463

Praça das Flores 56, 1200-250 Lisboa, Portugal

Jezzus Pizzaria

It's hard to miss Jezzus Pizzaria when you're walking around Anjos. Located on a corner right next to Avenida Almirante Reis, it announces its presence with bright pink awnings and several neon signs, one of which declares "PIZZA SAVES." Inside almost everything is pink, from the walls to the pizza boxes. There's even a hot pink pizza on the menu: For Vegan's Sake, which has a base of beet and tofu cream instead of tomato sauce.

Jezzus hawks the holy trinity of pizza, bread, and wine, but there's also charcuterie, cocktails, craft beer, and homemade desserts on offer. The pizzas are Italian-inspired with some Portuguese twists, like the Bulhão Pato (which pays homage to the traditional Portuguese dish of the same name, featuring clams with olive oil, garlic, and cilantro) and Judas dos Açores (which pairs roasted Azorean pineapple with chouriço from the Alentejo region).

Of course, delivery and takeaway are available, but eating in at Jezzus is an experience worth having. Beyond the colorful decor and meme-filled menu, there's also the novelty of getting to cut your pizza with a giant pair of scissors.


+351 218 137 532

Rua da Guiné 1A, 1170-172 Lisboa, Portugal

Dama e Vagabundo

Dama e Vagabundo is Portuguese for Lady and (the) Tramp — and, yes, there's plenty of spaghetti on the menu. You'll also find several other pasta dishes, starters, and salads, but the main attraction is definitely the pizza. There are two dozen different kinds to choose from, whether you're in the mood for simple pleasures (Margherita, spicy salami, or cured ham and mushrooms) or something a bit more out there.

Notable options include a Nordic-inspired pizza with smoked salmon, crème fraîche, dill, and pleurotus mushrooms, and the Mari e Monti with mussels, shrimp, clams, and Paris mushrooms. There's also a classic veggie pizza and a white pizza with spinach, egg, truffle oil, parmesan, and mozzarella.

Dama e Vagabundo is conveniently located in the heart of Baixa, right between popular attractions like Rossio, Praça da Figueira, and the Elevador de Santa Justa. It can be tricky to avoid the abundant tourist traps in this area, but this place is the real deal. Grab a table on the sidewalk terrace for prime people-watching.


+351 211 335 909

Rua da Betesga 1, 1100-202 Lisboa, Portugal


There are literally hundreds of pizza places in Lisbon, so narrowing it down to these was no easy task. I've lived in Lisbon for the past four years and eaten my fair share of pizza here, so the first thing I considered was my own experience: What are the best pizza places that I've tried — and keep going back to?

That said, there are plenty of great spots that I haven't made it to yet, so I also considered online reviews on Google, Tripadvisor, and other sites, as well as awards like the annual 50 Best Pizza list. I also based some of these selections on general reputation: The places that I've heard both friends and strangers rave about and have been meaning to try.

As for the selection criteria, I focused on the overall quality of the pizza, the authenticity of each place's methods (as indicated by official certifications, for example), the variety of pizzas on the menu, the general vibe, and the availability of vegetarian, vegan, and/or gluten-free options (because I believe dietary restrictions should never get in the way of enjoying incredible pizza).