We Made Drinks With Jordan's Skinny Mixes Desserts Collection, A Sweet Ideal For Fans Of Sugar-Free Syrups

If there's one thing I've learned about TikTok, it's that trends come and go on that app with remarkable speed. For a little while there, all I saw come across on my For You page were different recipes to make water interesting and delicious. Often, various social media creators have talked about creating flavoring mixes using Jordan's Skinny Mixes. It was through these TikToks that I was first introduced to the brand.

Fast forward many months later, and Jordan's Skinny Mixes reached out to offer some samples for review given its release of a new desserts collection. Remembering those videos from months ago, I was intrigued and interested in trying out what the brand had to offer. What I found is that these are great options for people looking for a zero-calorie syrup, but they may not be for everyone who is looking to add flavoring to their coffees, waters, and cocktails.

Some recommendations are based on first-hand impressions of promotional materials and products provided by the manufacturer/distributor/etc.

What is Jordan's Skinny Mixes' desserts collection?

This collection is a group of syrups from Jordan's Skinny Mixes that offer more than just sugar-free options. They are also Keto, gluten free, and Kosher, created to allow most people to enjoy super dessert-flavored drinks.

Released in April 2024, there are five syrups represented in this most recent sugar-free desserts collection. There's an Italian wedding cake option that is supposed to remind the taster of a moist cake with tasting notes of almond, citrus, and vanilla topped off with buttercream frosting. For something quite a bit more tropical, there is a pineapple upside-down cake syrup meant to taste like the tropical dessert laden with pineapple slices galore. For something a bit more interesting, there's a blueberry cobbler offering that does right by blueberries and has a lovely blue hue. 

There's also a new chocolate salted pretzel syrup to remind you of just the most delicious of crunchy snacks. All of these desserts are crowned by a birthday queen flavor meant to represent something like a birthday cupcake to honor the brand's own 15th birthday.

Where to find these new sugar-free syrups

It seems the only place I could locate these syrups is through the Jordan's Skinny Mixes website. Once there, there's no official place designated for these dessert syrups. Rather, I found them to be probably easiest to locate under the "New" heading. As of this writing, the birthday queen syrup is also being advertised as one of the primary fixtures of the website, so you might find that on the header of the page as the whole intent of the flavor is to celebrate the company's anniversary. These syrups generally cost $7.99. 

While the desserts collection isn't available on Amazon at the moment, it could appear there in the future, as some Jordan's Skinny Mixes are currently listed on the site. Of course, while you're there, you can peruse some of the other offerings the brand has, with both fruity and sweet syrups aplenty.

Nutritional information of this Jordan's Skinny Mixes collection

One of the most notable aspects of Jordan's Skinny Mixes is the nutritional content. Of the dessert options that were sent my way, the nutrition information reads zeros across the board except for one measure. The chocolate salted pretzel syrup has some sodium content. At 15 milligrams, it accounts for 1% of your daily recommended sodium intake, according to the nutritional label on the back.

Jordan's Skinny Mixes are certainly a draw for someone who might be looking for a sugar-free and calorie-free alternative to typical coffee syrups. Much the same way Diet Coke tends to satiate the taste of soda for those who simply can't give it up, Jordan's Skinny Mixes offer an alternative to the full-sugar and full-calorie versions that you might find in a Monin coffee syrup, for example. These zero-sugar and zero-calorie counts are owed primarily to the fact that the syrups use sucralose as the sweetener. This zero-calorie sweetener is effectively Splenda, as sucralose is the primary ingredient in the popular artificial sweetener.

Jordan's Skinny Mixes vs. Monin

Although I didn't have direct flavor comparisons between Monin and Jordan's Skinny Mixes, I decided to compare them based on similar flavors. After trying Jordan's pineapple upside-down cake, which offered fruity flavors, I compared it to Monin's passionfruit syrup, a memorable fruity option from its line. I sampled a bit from the lid of each syrup to gauge their flavors and differences. 

One immediate difference is the texture; Monin's syrup is noticeably thicker, moving slower in the bottle due to its primary ingredient of cane sugar, while the primary ingredient in Jordan's Skinny Mixes is water. This results in a significant nutritional difference: Monin's syrup contains 100 calories per fluid ounce, generally consistent across its line, and has 25 grams of added sugar. In contrast, Jordan's Skinny Mixes have zero calories and no sugars, as previously mentioned. The primary flavor in Monin syrups comes from the flavoring itself, whereas in Jordan's, the flavor seems secondary to the sweetness.

Taste test: Italian wedding cake cold brew

To sample this flavor, I created an Italian wedding cake cold brew, per the Jordan's Skinny Mixes website. I used Stok, which scored high on our cold brew coffee rankings list, for this and all of my cold brew drinks for these tastings. For this one, I found that this flavor added a really tasty, light, and creamy feel to the coffee, and I was pleasantly surprised by it.

While it does have a little bit of that fake sweetness, the flavoring of the sweetener itself is so light that the artificially sweet flavor is probably something you could get past, especially if you're used to this kind of sweetener. All told, the sweetness it packs is impressive given the lack of sugar in it at all. Trying the flavor on its own, I got a little bit more of the almond flavor that is muted when it's mixed in the coffee, but it would definitely be more present in a cold foam. Indeed, this flavor would be absolutely delicious in a cold foam or even in a milkshake. The bottle also includes a recipe for Italian wedding cake chia seed pudding, which would be a really enjoyable breakfast.

Taste test: pineapple upside-down cake water

Harkening back to those water-TikTok videos, I was absolutely intrigued by the pineapple upside-down cake water directions the website offered for this Jordan's Skinny Mixes syrup. The idea of using syrup in water seems so strange. Even still, this pineapple upside-down cake syrup is oddly suited for water with its pineapple flavor that has just a little extra sweetness to it, accounting for that upside-down aspect.

If you're looking for a way to dress up simple water and give it more flavor, this is probably a good option. I prepared mine using the spring water we regularly drink at home and nugget ice from my GE Opal Ice Maker, which added to the drink's whole effect since the ice is nice and crunchy and chewable. The pineapple flavor here plays second fiddle to the cake, most definitely. Even still, it does capture that pineapple upside-down cake taste pretty convincingly. Unfortunately, it still has the sweetness that seems a little bit fake, however.

Taste test: blueberry cobbler cold brew

One of the more viral Dunkin' secret menu drinks involves making something of a blueberry cobbler drink. Jordan's Skinny Mixes' blueberry cobbler syrup seems to attempt something similar with the bottle's instructions for a cold brew. It combines 2 tablespoons of the syrup with 8 ounces of cold brew over ice, before adding in the milk of your choice.

I added whole milk, and I found the flavor of it to be strikingly like a blueberry muffin. The blueberry flavor comes through strong and actually does taste like the true fruit, but the sweetener behind it continues to have that fake sort of sweetness to it. That is hard to get away from with sugar-free syrups. I was curious if the blueberry color would remain bright blue as I mixed it into the drink, but once mixed with coffee, you probably wouldn't even notice the color if you didn't already know it was there. Mixed with a white drink, however, it would no doubt show through brightly.

Taste test: chocolate salted pretzel cold brew

I made a cold brew for this Jordan's Skinny Mixes syrup, too. Going into this tasting, I've always found that chocolate syrup that's in this thin syrup formula rather than a sauce — like the mocha from Starbucks, for example — to be really hard to achieve that real chocolatey flavor. As a result, this chocolate salted pretzel syrup was already fighting an uphill battle.

At the end of the day, I found that the flavor with this one just isn't substantial. There's a slight sweetness to it, and there's a little bit of a cocoa flavor behind it, but this one isn't nearly as strong and flavorful as the others. Instead, it only slightly flavors the coffee, even if it does have a nice smell to it. I was impressed with its scent, and even the taste of the syrup when sampling the flavoring all on its own — but when mixed, it loses a whole lot of that strength and flavor. Unfortunately, in shipping, my bottle also seemed to experience a bit of bumping around and ended up being a little bent by the time it got to me.

Taste test: birthday queen milkshake

In the most intricate of my taste tests, I tried the birthday queen flavor as a milkshake, as recommended on the Jordan's Skinny Mixes website. This syrup is supposed to be birthday cake flavored, but I don't know if I get as much cake flavor as a straight frosting flavor. Cake should be sweet, but it shouldn't taste quite as overwhelmingly sweet as this syrup is.

All told, the syrup probably doesn't belong in much else other than a dessert. The color is a Pepto-Bismol-type of pink, which also seems a little bit strange, even if it's a celebration of the company's anniversary. I found that the milkshake was extraordinarily flavored, but perhaps too much. You're definitely going to want to take it a little easy with this one. Consider going with 1 tablespoon rather than what the bottle and website directions recommend with 2 tablespoons.

Is the new desserts collection from Jordan's Skinny Mixes worth it?

I've sampled my fair share of coffee syrup brands, and some are absolutely excellent, while others fall flat. But when I look forward to delicious coffee flavoring — or even drink flavoring in general, for that matter — I'm looking for something that tastes authentic and does not remind me that I'm actually adding a fake flavor or sweetener to my drink.

I found that the flavors from Jordan's Skinny Mixes desserts collection carried such a strong flavor of that artificial sweetener that I couldn't quite get past it. Because of this, they simply weren't to my taste. However, for others who might be looking for a way to enjoy some sweet desserts but need it to be low in calories and sugar, these might be the perfect offering.

Whether they are worth it or not will depend on your needs. People who want delicious coffee syrup but aren't concerned about its nutritional content should go for a brand like Monin coffee syrups. On the other hand, if nutrition is more of a factor and the nutritional label needs far more zeros on it, Jordan's Skinny Mixes syrups are ideal. And the options from this desserts collection are a perfect way to be introduced to the brand if you're looking for a place to dive in.