The $11 Krispy Kreme Doughnut You Can Only Buy At The Times Square Store

Donut fans love a good Krispy Kreme donut — after all, the company sold 1.6 billion donuts in 2022 alone. When the Krispy Kreme craving hits, you may want to stick to the classic Original Glazed or maybe a Chocolate Iced Glazed, but if you're looking for something a little less simple and a little more fun, you may want to try the Big Apple Doughnut — as long as you find yourself in New York City.

The Big Apple Doughnut — which, indeed, looks like a shiny red apple — is only available at the Time Square flagship store, which opened in 2020. The flagship store covers a whopping 4,500 square feet where, along with buying delicious treats, you can also watch the donuts be made, admire the glaze waterfall, or browse the large selection of Krispy Kreme merch.

But it's the ultra-exclusive Big Apple Doughnut that is the biggest draw for the flagship store — which is one of eight Krispy Kreme locations in New York City — that can only be bought in Time Square. The specialty donut was inspired by candy apples sold at Coney Island — which, like Times Square, is another iconic New York location. Notably, the donut is not cheap — it's priced at $10.99 — but many fans of the donut say it's worth it for its delicious taste.

What does the Big Apple Doughnut look and taste like?

The Big Apple Doughnut is filled with "Red Delicious flavored Kreme filling," per the Krispy Kreme website, to bring in the taste — and sweetness — of a red apple. The top of the donut then has a red, shiny glaze, giving it the shine of a perfectly ripe apple. Finally, the donut is finished off with a "leaf" made of royal icing and a pretzel stick "stem." To top off the specialty experience, the Big Apple Doughnut is served in a large green box for a full presentation.

But does the taste live up to the hype? TikTok user Melinda Strauss declared that the donut was worth the money, calling the treat "incredible." She added that, while she wouldn't order it all the time, she was glad she experienced it. Meanwhile, Youtube's The World According to Jason says the glaze "tastes just like an apple," noting that it is a little tart and compares it to a caramel apple — which makes sense given that the inspiration was Coney Island candy apples. As for the texture of the donut, he says it's fluffy and airy (and delicious).

Those who don't love the donut have noted that the exterior glaze is quite sticky, which may impact the overall eating experience. The stickiness was even noted by Tasting Table in our ranking of all Krispy Kreme donuts — however, we still deemed it overall sweet and playful.