The Case For Adding Ice Cubes To Your Next Milkshake

Whether you're ready for dessert or chowing down on a burger and fries, you can't beat a good old-fashioned milkshake. And nothing indicates a well-made shake quite like its texture. Milkshakes come in different consistencies, so you can make yours thin and creamy or ultra-thick and icy. If you prefer the latter, don't forget one key ingredient: ice cubes. 

Ice cubes may seem like an unnecessary milkshake addition, but they can make all the difference in your shake's consistency. After all, small pieces of ice are the trick to improving blended drinks. The addition of ice works so well because it adds texture to a shake beyond the standard, creamy ingredients. It's essentially a way to thicken up a shake and add oomph beyond the standard milk. If you're a fan of smooth and thin shakes, however, you can forgo the ice. 

As for how exactly to add ice to your next milkshake, the trick is in the blender. It's best to incorporate the ice as early on as possible so it can combine with your other ingredients. 

Add ice to your blender for a thick, icy, and pourable milkshake

At its most basic, a milkshake consists of nothing more than blended ice cream and milk. Tasting Table's old-fashioned vanilla shake, for example, combines ice cream, vanilla, and milk for a simple yet highly effective dessert. Sometimes, however, the texture of those two ingredients can prove underwhelming. Think of a drink that's more akin to chocolate milk than to ice cream. Ice cubes, however, can resolve this textural conundrum — and work best when crushed. 

To taste the ice in action, begin by crushing your ice cubes in a blender. If you don't have a blender, you can crush the ice by hand. Once you've broken up your ice, blend it alongside your milk and ice cream, as well as any flavor additions. Hello, chocolate syrup, vanilla extract, and the like. 

You should be able to taste the difference in the texture, though for further proof of ice's power, you can even forgo ice cream. Some recipes for homemade milkshakes sans ice cream fully replace ice cream with ice, using cubes to adjust a recipe. Of course, the ice is at its best when paired with traditional shake ingredients. With a little icy experimentation, you'll have a drink worthy of any diner.