These Are The Only States Where You Can Shop At Wegmans

Wegmans is a fan-favorite grocery store that has amassed many a loyal patron. As a family-owned company with origins in upstate New York, the grocery store has been both compared to and contrasted with Whole Foods, though both chains have their own, distinct qualities. Given Wegmans' variety of products and larger-than-average size, the grocery store's customers remain loyal. Many span the country — or, at least, a couple of states. These states are clustered predominantly in one area of the United States: the Northeast. 

Specifically, Wegmans locations crop up in eight states. These include New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, Delaware, and North Carolina. There's also a Wegmans location in Washington, D.C., which rounds off the chain's range of locations. If you live in one of these states, chances are you've encountered a Wegmans. There's no shortage of reasons the brand ranks among the country's best grocery stores

Yet while Wegmans shops appear across the East Coast, they're particularly popular in one state. For a hint of where you'll find the largest concentration of Wegmans, consider the grocery store's origins in Rochester, New York.

New York boasts the most Wegmans stores

Given Wegmans' Empire State start, it shouldn't come as a surprise that New York ranks as the state with the most Wegmans stores. These locations crop up across Rochester — the city boasts more than 15 locations — as well as Buffalo and Syracuse. The latter two cities each house a handful of stores. Not far from either location, more than a few Wegmans shops appear across the state's Finger Lakes Region, not to mention the Southern Tier.

Yet, none of that is to say that Wegmans is exclusive to upstate New York. Outside of these upstate locations, the grocery store also appeals to customers in Metro New York. In fall 2023, the first Wegmans opened in Manhattan, while there's also a Brooklyn and Westchester location. Customers can take their pick of zip codes, and wander through the Wegmans of their choosing.

Of course, it's Rochester that offers the most options — and not just in actual Wegmans stores. The city's Museum of Play features a Wegmans exhibit, in which children can shop, work, and play throughout a miniature version of the real store. What better way to embrace the fun of grocery shopping?