Who Makes Costco's Kirkland Signature Frozen Pizzas?

Ever wondered who's behind the mouthwatering magic of Costco's beloved frozen pizzas? It's believed to most likely be Palermo's frozen pizza, the same company behind some of the most ubiquitous frozen pizza brands nationwide, including Urban Pie and Screamin' Sicilian – the latter of which landed at number two on our ranking of the most popular brands of frozen pizza. As one of the largest and most popular frozen pizza manufacturers in the United States, Palermo has been getting consistent and convenient pizzas into customers' freezers for decades. While there is plenty of speculation that Palermo's could be the manufacturer, there is no firm evidence that this is the case.

Costco keeps its supplier list under wraps, but it's widely speculated that Palermo has been crafting Costco's frozen pizzas since 2012, when representatives from Palermo's Workers Union paid a visit to Costco headquarters. It's also possible that Palermo made Costco's frozen pizzas for a time before handing over the duties to an unknown replacement company. 

The range of Kirkland Signature frozen pizzas

So, what types of Kirkland Signature frozen pizzas can you find at Costco? From classic pepperoni and cheese to topping-heavy options like supreme pizzas, Costco offers a variety of traditional pizzas to suit everyone's tastes. The supreme pizza even has a gluten-free crust to accommodate those with dietary restrictions.

Costco makes it easy to elevate your frozen pizza game with a trip down its aisles too. Grab some fresh veggies, meat, or specialty cheese while you're stocking up on pizza and get creative with your toppings. From bell peppers to prosciutto, the possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your frozen Costco pizza. While it might not bear the Palermo's name, don't hesitate to pick up a Kirkland Signature frozen pizza if you already know that you're a Palermo fan. Although there are no manufacturer numbers to verify on the frozen pizzas like there are for Kirkland's tequila manufacturers, you can rest assured that whether they're made by Palermo or another manufacturer, Costco frozen pizzas are quality nonetheless.