Wine, Beer, And Spirits Tech Is Taking A Big Step Forward At TIHS 2024

In the 1950s, a simple Manhattan or Gin Fizz was the go-to drink. By the 2000s, the "Sex and the City" favorite Cosmopolitan was all the rage. But today? It's going to take more than a simple cocktail shaker and stemware to whip up modern concoctions like a caprese martini or Bundt pan punch. 

Wine, too, has been going through changes, with better boxed vinos and sustainable aluminum bottles replacing glass. 

But perhaps one of the biggest developments is the fact that more people are enjoying their drinks from home. According to a 2023 report by Kantar (via Food Dive), "23% of consumers drank more at home over the past 12 months," a practice that began during the pandemic lockdowns and never really stopped.

Sensing this trend, brands are now developing devices that allow for more at-home applications. Want to make beer using nothing more than your fridge? There's a machine that makes it easy to do so. Want to age whiskey in your own kitchen? You can do that, too.

Some of these advancements will be on display at The Inspired Home Show, March 17-19 in Chicago. As North America's largest housewares trade show, vendors and manufacturers from more than 120 countries will converge to present their latest wares, including drink wares and tools. Food Republic got a look at some of the wine, beer, and spirits tech that will be featured, and let's just say there's lots to cheers about.

iSonic Ultrasonic Accelerators

Time machines do exist — at least in the world of iSonic. The company's revolutionary Ultrasonic Accelerator can miraculously speed up the time needed to age whiskey and aerate wine so you can enjoy the perfect drink sooner. The machine works by using powerful ultrasound waves with 40K frequency that are strong enough to enter through glass bottles, whether full or partially full.

So, rather than waiting years for your whiskey to age in a remote bourbon barrel, iSonic can do the same in two to four hours (and in the bottle the spirit comes in). In fact, the company claims that in less time than it takes to fly cross-country, your Red Label bourbon will have the quality of a Black Label with a smoother finish and more flavor notes. Wines are also ready in just five to 15 minutes; even cold brew can be processed at an ultra-fast speed of 30 minutes using the Ultrasonic Accelerator.

A compact model retails for $189 while multi-bottle designs start at $389.

Pinter Carbonated Beer Maker

If you always wanted to try craft brewing at home, but had no idea how to get started, Pinter has the perfect option for beginners. Its unique Carbonated Beer Maker is an all-in-one tool that makes the process foolproof, and it fits right in your fridge.

Along with the machine, Pinter sells "Fresh Press" ingredient pouches with everything you need already pre-mixed inside. All you have to do is pour the contents of the pouch inside the vessel and add water, then let the Pinter sit in the fridge where it will naturally carbonate on its own, eventually brewing up to 12 pints. The process takes about three days, as opposed to the more traditional four to eight weeks for home brews.

Once ready, there's a built-in tap that allows for the perfect pour. With this unique technology, your home-brewed beer will stay fresh for a month, plus each beer costs less than $2 a glass.

Pinter's Carbonated Beer Maker costs $199 and comes in a variety of colors.

Peugeot Whiskey Tasting Set

Better-tasting whiskey starts with a professional tasting experience — and the top-shelf tools at bars are available for home usage too. Peugeot's set starts with a pear-shaped glass with a wide base and tapered nose that is designed to better channel all the rich flavor notes of the spirit while keeping vapors housed at the bottom of the glass, creating a super smooth finish when you drink.

The award-winning set also includes a metal chiller base and leatherette coaster to rest your glass on between sips. These accessories keep the spirit at the ideal temperature without having to use ice, which would water it down. The trio works great with whiskey as well as cognac and Armagnac.

Peugeot's whiskey set retails for $49.95.