Little Caesars Has Been Testing Gluten-Free Pizza

Due to preference or medical conditions, many Americans choose or are forced to live without gluten-containing foods. For pizza lovers, getting a satisfying slice can be a difficult task. However, Little Caesars has been testing a gluten-free crust in Colorado that could help some of those consumers. Befitting a pizza company with headquarters in Detroit, the gluten-free choice is a personal-size version of Little Caesars' deep pan Detroit-style pizza. Customers have a choice of cheese or pepperoni.

YouTube user Something Collective tried the gluten-free pizza over a year ago and gave a positive review, citing the taste and texture. However, some folks may be frustrated to find out that although the crust is made without wheat, Little Caesars displayed a disclaimer about the potential for cross-contamination in its kitchens. The chain doesn't "recommend this crust for consumers with celiac disease." That's no different from the other largest pizza delivery chains with gluten-free crusts. Pizza Hut and Domino's offer crust options made without wheat, but caution guests about cross-contamination possibilities.

Little Caesars playing catch up in the GF market

Large pizza chains have been offering gluten-free crusts for quite some time. Little Caesars is late to the game in this market segment. Competitor Domino's offered a gluten-free choice back in 2012. Pizza Hut followed in 2015 with a pre-made crust made by Udi's Gluten Free, a dedicated gluten-free bread manufacturer. However, the pizza chain's corporate website says the crust is only offered in about one-third of its U.S. outlets. Papa John's launched its gluten-free option in 2017 with an Ancient Grains blend containing more fiber and protein, and, it claims, more flavor.

We have seen no word from Little Caesars on plans to expand its gluten-free crust offering. However, the Little Caesars fundraising website offers a gluten-free kit with standard, round crusts for pizza lovers hoping to indulge in a slice from the chain. Until more stores offer gluten-free crust, this might be your only option for wheat-free Little Caesars.