The Starbucks Hack To Get Extra Protein In Your Iced Coffee

Are you a gym bunny who's become a master at sneaking extra protein into your diet? And is caffeine your BFF? If so, then you need to try this simple Starbucks hack to get more protein in your iced coffee: Combine your espresso with a pre-made protein shake to create a convenient, caffeinated, and high-protein beverage.

Here's how to do it; before placing your coffee order, head to the chiller cabinet where all the cold drinks are stored, and pick up a bottle of Koia protein shake, which is sold at most Starbucks locations. Then, you're going to order a double shot of espresso with extra ice from the barista. At this point, be sure to ask for your coffee to be served in a venti cup because you'll need the extra space above the espresso. Finally, open up your protein shake, pour it into your coffee, and give it a good stir to mix the two liquids together. 

Three things will happen, here. First, the coffee will loosen the texture of the protein shake and lend it a kick of caffeine. Second, the sweetened flavors in the shake will subdue the strength of the espresso's flavor. And third, your coffee creation will become more diluted as the ice cubes melt, allowing you to slurp it up through a straw, unlike thicker shakes that have a denser viscosity. The result? A deliciously creamy flavored coffee that's filling, protein-packed, and super-satisfying with the perfect texture.

Protein and caffeine help your tired muscles

Both the Koia Vanilla Bean protein shake and the chocolatey Cacao Bean version contain a robust 18 grams of protein and a single shot of espresso has 1 gram of protein. This means that if you order a double shot of espresso and combine it with a shake, you'll create a high-protein coffee that contains a whopping 20 grams of protein, which will keep you fuller for longer and stimulate muscle growth if you've just finished a session of weight training. 

According to a 2018 study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, the espresso's caffeine will also enhance muscle strength and power. The best time to drink your shake is either an hour before or anywhere between immediately after and up to six hours following a workout (depending on who you ask), a period that's described as the anabolic window.

If your local Starbucks doesn't stock Koia protein shakes and you have a preferred brand of protein drink at home, you can always make up a serving and bring it along with you. Simply pour your chosen protein drink directly into your iced espresso, pop on a lid, and give it a good shake or stir to mix the drinks. Be sure to request a stirrer at the window if you're placing your order in a Starbucks drive-thru so you can agitate the shake first if it has separated in your bottle before pouring it over your iced coffee.