If Starbucks' Pastries Are Too Dry For Your Taste, Get Them Heated

We've all been there. You eagerly order your favorite pastry from Starbucks only to be met with disappointment when it arrives cold, dry, and lackluster. But there's a simple solution to breathe new life into those lifeless treats: have your barista them up.

Most Starbucks locations offer the option to have your pastry or baked goods warmed when you order them. However, even if you're not presented with this option, don't hesitate to ask for it. Heating your pastry can work wonders in increasing its moisture and restoring its deliciousness.

So, why does heating make such a difference? It all comes down to science. Pastries and baked goods, especially those with high-moisture ingredients like fruits, vegetables, dairy, and other add-ins, have the potential to release some of their retained moisture when heated. This process not only softens the texture but also enhances the overall flavor and aroma of the treat.

Opt to heat pastries and baked goods that have high-moisture ingredients

With just a few moments in the oven or microwave, you can breathe new life into your treat and enjoy it to the fullest. After all, life's too short for dry pastries — so why not give them the love and attention they deserve? To take advantage of this simple yet effective trick, simply ask your barista to heat up your pastry of choice before serving it to you. 

Some of the best candidates for this trick include the blueberry scone, any croissant variety, banana bread, and cheese Danishes. In particular, we love a warm chocolate croissant, with the rich filling oozing in every bite, and heated up coffee cake, which becomes the perfect breakfast pairing for any drink on the menu. And of course, don't forget to ask for your bagels warmed up and toasty before slathering on cream cheese and digging in.