Dinner Parties Just Got Way Easier: Orka Debuts The Meat It Dual Smart Thermometer At CES 2024

Temperatures are not a monolith when it comes to how you want food done, especially if you're cooking for people with different preferences, and one probe thermometer is often inadequate to gauge the variances of different pieces of meat. But, thanks to the engineers at French food technology company Orka, the days will soon be gone when a probe thermometer needs to be moved from one item to the next to ascertain the internal temperature. With the Spring 2024 debut of the Meat°it Dual smart thermometer, cooks can check the level to which two pieces of meat are cooked simultaneously.

Boasting twin wireless probes that can be inserted into separate steaks, chops, or roasts, the Meat°it Dual seamlessly connects to an app that gives readings on each, ensuring the ideal temperature is reached without switching back and forth. These rechargeable probes give precise readings across your different foods in one convenient format that makes cooking for a group that much less stressful. While the Meat°it Dual is yet to hit the market, Tasting Table had a chance to check the thermometer out at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where it won our Innovation Award. Customers who are intrigued can find out more about the sleek device on Orka's website. There, you can also preorder the Meat°it Dual — and the company is even offering a discount for early purchases.

No more guessing

The most obvious example of the utility of the Meat°it Dual is steak. Though there are other purported ways to divine the doneness of a ribeye or strip steak — looking at you, poke test – the most accurate measure is to get a read on the internal temperature of the meat. As anybody who has ever cooked steak for more than one person knows, tastes vary. Some hanker for the sight of red, while others like to see the heat penetrate their meat a bit more. With a single thermometer, that means moving from one steak to the other, or simply probing one steak and flying blind on the second.

The comfort of having an accurate read on two different pieces of meat at the same time is almost invaluable, freeing the cook up to concern themselves with other elements of the meal at hand. What's more, the proprietary Orka app helps guide cooks along to the perfect temperature, with readings for rare through well-done for a variety of cuts of meat, from pork and steak to poultry and fish. So, whether you're grilling a steak over hot coals or slow-roasting a pork shoulder, you can take comfort in the fact that the Meat°it Dual and Orka app will help you hit the perfect temperature every time.