Before Tossing Your Empty Syrup Bottle, Swish Cold Brew Coffee In It

Ever found yourself staring at an empty syrup bottle, thinking it's time to toss it? Pause for a moment. You can probably still use it at least one more time, thanks to this hack that will enhance your coffee experience while reducing food waste. Pour some cold brew into that bottle, and you'll discover a delicious way to make the most of every last drop. The concept is simple yet brilliant: Instead of leaving those sticky remnants on the bottle to be disposed with the glass or plastic, you can use it to infuse your coffee with a burst of flavor.

Maple syrup, a beloved breakfast classic, is one syrup that perfectly lends itself to this practice. After enjoying your pancakes or waffles, don't let the bottle go to waste. When you fill it with cold brew coffee, the residual maple syrup clinging to the bottle's interior will dissolve into your drink, giving it a delightful hint of maple sweetness. Once you've swished the coffee around for a few moments and collected all of the syrup you can, pour it back into a glass with ice. It's like a cozy morning brunch in a cup.

Consider applying this trick to other types of syrups

The possibilities of this trick don't stop at maple syrup. You can apply it to various types of syrups and liquid flavorings. If you're already replicating the café experience at home with coffee syrup flavors, such as vanilla or caramel, you can also rejuvenate those last drops with a splash of cold brew. If you enjoy a hint of fruit flavors like raspberry or orange, you could even infuse your coffee with the remnants of your jam or marmalade jar.

For those who enjoy a more indulgent coffee experience, consider using this hack with liqueurs. A nearly empty bottle of coffee liqueur can similarly be given new life by adding cold brew coffee. The rich and complex flavors of the liqueur will infuse your drink, creating the taste of a luxurious coffee cocktail without the need to open another bottle just yet.

Even if you're used to full measures of flavoring, you'll be amazed at how even a small amount of residual syrup can transform your coffee. Plus, it's an eco-conscious way to maximize every ounce of your favorite syrups and liqueurs. So the next time you're tempted to toss that empty bottle, give it a second life as your coffee's secret flavor booster, and savor every last drop of deliciousness.