Bill Granger, The Chef Credited For Popularizing Avocado Toast, Has Died

Bill Granger, the chef who brought avocado toast into the international culinary lexicon, died on December 25, 2023 at age 54, in a hospital in London surrounded by his family. He is survived by his wife, Natalie Elliott, and their daughters Edie, Inès, and Bunny. As of this time, a cause of death has not been released.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Granger was a self-taught chef whose culinary career includes experience as a restaurateur, cookbook author, and food writer. His approach to food was described as unpretentious, creative, and "sunny," the latter being a descriptor used by Granger himself. Arguably his most famous dish, which has spread across menus around the globe, is the deceptively simple avocado toast. This light yet filling dish full of creative potential embodies Granger's style, and it will no doubt continue to be a star in home meals and brunch menus all around the world.

Granger's many restaurants also have a global presence. In addition to his flagship restaurant bills (spelled uncapitalized), which has four locations in Australia, he also operated outposts in the U.S., South Korea, and Japan, as well as several locations of his Granger & Co. restaurant chain in the U.K. Granger opened his first restaurant in Sydney in 1993 when he was only 22 years old, featuring his signature warm and innovative approach to breakfast.

More than just a chef

Originally setting out to study art, Granger eventually left art school and went into the service industry. His first restaurant in the Sydney suburb Darlinghurst was a casual, yet hip spot that focused on fresh, exciting, inventive fare for breakfast and lunch. He was, in the early days, known much for his ultra-creamy scrambled eggs, though avocado toast would soon become his most famous dish.

Outside of the kitchen, Granger was a prolific cookbook author and food writer with 14 cookbooks to his name, including "Bill's Sydney Food," "Holiday," and "Bill's Everyday Asian." He also wrote a regular food column for British newspaper The Independent. Granger's work on television included hosting the Australian series "Bill's Food" and "Bill's Holiday," as well as the U.K.-produced series "Bill's Kitchen: Notting Hill."

In a statement released on Instagram, Granger's family wrote, "He will be remembered as 'The King of Breakfast' for [...] spurring the growth of Australian informal and communal eating around the world. He will be deeply missed by all, with his loss most profoundly felt by his adored family, who are grateful for all the love and support that has been given."