The Zester Hack For Catching Seeds When Juicing Citrus

Lemon or lime juice adds a burst of acidity across recipes, whether you're baking or cooking. And while citrus juice is a welcome addition, citrus seeds, on the other hand, are not. Unfortunately, for anyone squeezing lemons manually, the two often go hand-in-hand; if you've ever squeezed a lemon directly into a bowl, chances are you've also, inadvertently, squeezed out some seeds. To combat this dilemma, consider using an upside-down lemon zester — a tool that will keep your seeds at bay.

To pull off this trick, flip your zester over so it's upside down and can act akin to a strainer. With the zester inverted, squeeze your lemon juice directly over the slits. The zester will catch any stray seeds and filter the lemon juice into your bowl. Plus, you may already be using the zester for your citrus recipe, so why not double its purpose? You won't need to buy any new juicing equipment if you can utilize your zester twice. 

As for the recipes that work best for this trick, the rule applies to anything that requires juicing — sans citrus seeds. 

Use the zester hack to keep citrus seeds out of your go-to recipes

Many a recipe calls for citrus juice, so this zester trick could very quickly become commonplace in your household. In baking, this trick will especially come in handy for pie and cheesecake recipes. It also pertains to cocktails that rely on citrus juice, so your next Tom Collins can go down all the smoother. Moreover, none of these options even touch upon the cooking process, where citrus juice complements your favorite meats.

As for how exactly to follow the technique, cut your citrus in half as you normally would. To make the juice come out all the easier, you may want to consider rolling it on the table or in your hand. You can even briefly microwave your citrus before making any cuts. This process will soften the lemon. From there, squeeze out the juice directly over the zester, and your recipe will be all the better for it. 

Oh, and if you only need a little bit of citrus juice, don't bother cutting into your lemon at all. Rather, simply make a hole in its side and squeeze out whatever you need. There are plenty of ways to use citrus in your recipes, and plenty more hacks to make cooking with it a breeze.