Trader Joe's Quietly Discontinued Fan-Favorite Minty Mallows This Year

We can count on Trader Joe's to bring the fun when winter holidays arrive. Just looking at the shelves packed with Iced Gingerbread Squares, Chocolate Passports, and beautifully packaged gingerbread house kits is enough to make you feel like a kid all over again, waiting for the first snowflake to fall. The recent Trader Joe's podcast says there are an astounding 469 products only offered around the December holidays, and 86 of them are brand new, so it stands to reason that some old favorites might not make the cut from year to year (the smaller stores can only hold so much on their shelves). Sadly this year among the items on the missing list is the popular chocolate-dipped peppermint marshmallow treat, Minty Mallow.

A check-in with our local Trader Joe's store confirmed the treats are marked "unorderable" in their system, and calls to other neighboring stores confirmed the Minty Mallows are not returning this holiday season. Store employees often field questions from many disappointed customers who learn their favorites are not coming back. One clever crew member recently dressed for Halloween as a "Discontinued Product Grief Counselor". Thus, this holiday season, TJ's is adding one more product to the discontinued list to shed a tear over.

Gone but not forgotten for many

Trader Joe's decision to discontinue popular products can stem from their commitment to innovation and a dedication to offering a constantly evolving selection to customers. The company wants its product line to stay fresh, exciting, and aligned with evolving consumer preferences. Additionally, discontinuations may result from supplier changes, sourcing challenges, or increasing prices. Trader Joe's values customer feedback, and if a product gains a cult following or garners requests for its return, the company may reconsider, circumstances permitting. The TJ's website emphasizes that products must "earn a spot on the shelf", so no promises!

If you are missing that sweet hit of peppermint and chocolate, there are plenty of other options to choose from, like the Minty Flavored Cocoa Truffles and Candy Cane Joe Joe cookies, along with new, seasonal peppermint flavored baking chips. There's never a shortage of sweet holiday treats at Trader Joe's but sadly we'll all miss out on Minty Mallows this year.