Did DiGiorno Make Its Frozen Pizzas Smaller? Shoppers Are Noticing

If you're a fan of frozen pizza, you might have noticed something a bit off recently when picking up a DiGiorno pizza from your local store. Customers have been taking to social media, particularly Reddit, to voice their concerns about their beloved pizzas seemingly shrinking in size while the price continues to climb. What's going on here? Welcome to the world of "shrinkflation."

Shrinkflation is a clever, albeit somewhat sneaky, tactic employed by companies to maintain or increase their profit margins without overtly raising prices. Instead of directly increasing the price of a product, they reduce the product's size or quantity while keeping the price the same. Essentially, you're getting less for the same amount of money, and it often goes unnoticed until eagle-eyed customers start comparing packages.

DiGiorno, a well-known brand of frozen pizza, seems to have fallen into the shrinkflation trend. Customers have been vocal on Reddit about their observations, noting that the size of DiGiorno pizzas has diminished, leaving them with less pizza for their hard-earned dollars.

Why companies adopt shrinkflation

Shrinkflation is a strategy born out of necessity for many companies facing rising production costs alongside inflation. Instead of immediately increasing prices, which can result in customer backlash, they choose to subtly reduce product size. Many companies opt for this approach to avoid customer outrage while maintaining profit margins.

Raising prices outright can lead to customer dissatisfaction and pushback. Shrinkflation, on the other hand, often goes unnoticed until customers realize they're receiving less product. Companies can keep their profit margins intact by reducing the amount of product in each package while keeping prices steady. This helps them manage rising costs without taking a hit to their bottom line. In some cases, the price point remains the same, maintaining the psychological comfort customers associate with the product. Shrinkflation allows companies to keep products in a familiar price range.

For consumers, being aware of shrinkflation is the first step. Pay attention to the size and quantity of products you regularly purchase and compare them over time. If you notice changes that seem disproportionate to the price, consider exploring other brands or product options.

So, whether it's a frozen pizza or any other product, staying informed is your best defense against shrinking portions and rising prices.