Insomnia Cookies' Holiday Lineup Features Classically-Inspired Flavors

Cookie-loving holiday heads rejoice, because trendy, tasty dessert chain Insomnia Cookies has announced its 2023 seasonal lineup of treats — and it includes some powerhouse holiday flavors. In a press release sent to Tasting Table, Insomnia announced that, starting today, December 7, and running through December 31, customers can get their hands on three new cookies that, per the release, "are sure to leave Insomniacs feeling merry and bright."

For those who didn't get enough of the sweet stuff on Thanksgiving, sweet potato pie is back in cookie form. The vegan Sweet Potato Pie Classic features "sweet potato dough mixed with cinnamon, vanilla flavoring, and vegan marshmallows." Note that this cookie is available only in stores nationwide in the U.S. On the international side, Insomnia is taking inspiration from Italy with the Cannoli Filled Deluxe.

This cookie has "cinnamon dough mixed with chocolate chips, and [is] filled with a sweetened ricotta cream with hints of vanilla and orange flavoring." Canadians take heed, as this is available in the U.S. and throughout Canada. A celebration of shorter days that afford more evening time for cookie crunching, the Solstice Confetti Classic is a treat that sparkles. This "seasonally tricked-out sugar cookie" is "filled with holiday sprinkles and vanilla-flavored chips." This cookie is also available in both the U.S. and Canada.

Holiday deals abound at Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies' holiday spirit doesn't stop at the cookie rack, though. No, the company is extending good cheer and goodwill to all with a variety of holiday deals, discounts, and freebies. Case in point: Everyone has reason to celebrate because Insomnia Cookies is offering free shipping and delivery on all orders when using the code GIVECOOKIES23. Does anyone not like free cookies? 

Insomnia is handing them out all season long. In-store, customers can obtain a gratis cookie with any purchase of five dollars or more on December 11 and 18, or, as Insomnia calls them, "Magic Mondays." Delivery customers will also receive a bonus treat with every order they make. And if you are a teacher, school employee, or parcel courier (UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, and Amazon), you're in for an even bigger treat. 

With valid work identification, people in these professions are due for a free six-pack of cookies with any in-store purchase of five dollars or more between December 11 and December 17 for school faculty and December 18 and December 24 for parcel couriers. If past is prologue, then Insomnia's 2023 holiday cookies should be right on the money. Last year, we couldn't get enough of Insomnia Cookies' 2022 holiday treats – especially the Deluxe Filled Hot Cocoa and Classic Red Velvet Cookies N Cream cookies.