Why You Should Give Hot Chocolate Eggnog A Chance This Holiday Season

No drink is more symbolic of the holidays than eggnog. Every year, around November or December, those who love eggnog get to break out the festive drink to enjoy throughout the holiday season. The only drink that may rival eggnog is, you guessed it, hot chocolate — who doesn't love a steaming mug of hot cocoa on a cold winter night? Well, seeing as the two drinks both represent the most festive time of the year, we may as well combine them to make the ultimate holiday drink.

Hot chocolate eggnog is exactly as it sounds — it is a beautiful mix of eggnog, hot cocoa powder, and a little milk. As for the taste, it still has the rich, custardy creaminess of eggnog, while bringing in a bounty of chocolatey goodness to make the drink even sweeter and more satisfying. And since you're making this hybrid drink yourself, you can control the ratio of eggnog to chocolate, making this drink easy to customize to your liking.

How to upgrade the eggnog hot chocolate even further

While the eggnog hot chocolate will taste delicious on its own, it's always fun to add toppings to make the drink even more festive. Just like with regular hot cocoa, adding whipped cream and marshmallows is always a good choice. If you want to up the ante on the chocolate, you can add chocolate chips over the whipped cream as well. If you want even more sweetness, but don't want more chocolate, there are always sprinkles to come to your rescue. Or, you could dust the top with cinnamon or nutmeg — or both. Really, any combination of the above options will be fun and delicious.

Plus, for the adults, there's one easy way to upgrade any holiday drink: booze. After all, both boozy hot chocolate and boozy eggnog are arguably just as popular as their alcohol-free counterparts. For the eggnog hot chocolate, you can opt for one of the go-to alcohols for spiked hot chocolate, such as Bailey's or Kahlua. Rum is also a popular choice for both hot chocolate and eggnog, so that would work beautifully in this drink. Brandy is another popular choice for eggnog, which would also mix perfectly here.