14 Cocktail Gift Sets Perfect For Mixing It Up This Holiday Season

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During the season's festivities, many of us amp up our cocktail game when hosting and celebrating with loved ones. A cocktail gift set is a great way to replenish your host's bar cart and stand out from the litany of wine brought by a parade of guests. A sleek cocktail gift set can help introduce someone to your new favorite spirit or jump-start a zero-proof drink collection to meet a range of tastes.

The following gift sets meet a range of tastes from the whiskey curious to martini snobs and merely the person you just never know what to buy when the time comes. Building a proper bar cart takes time, so why not give loved ones a leg up with some premium spirits, bar tool sets, and mouth-watering mixers? The best part is that many of these sets come perfectly packaged to impress even the most reticent of bosses, in-laws, or that neighbor who you really want to win over before the new year. Elevate your mixology game this holiday season with one of the following cocktail gift sets.

How we selected products

By the end of the year, our team has tasted, previewed, and reviewed a wide range of spirits in the name of journalism. Fortunately for us, many of the same trusted brands develop cocktail sets making holiday gifting a bit easier. We revisited some of our favorite releases and sought out new brands to round out some of the blind spots due to personal preferences.

Ultimately, we selected these cocktail gift sets based on what's widely available (liquor laws can be quite limiting when it comes to shipping across states) and narrowed them down based on value and taste — to ensure products were worthwhile beyond attractive packaging — and made sure to include a variety of spirits and accouterments. Then we started tasting. For any selections we hadn't tried before or couldn't obtain a sample, we sleuthed based on reviews, price points, and materials. The following are what we discovered to be ideal cocktail gift sets to ring in the holiday season.

Best drink mixers gift set: Hipstirs Craft Cocktail Syrup Trio

We fell for this brand of cocktail syrups as soon as we opened Hipstirs craft cocktail syrup trio. The set features three flavor combinations and all of the 8-ounce bottles are made with natural ingredients — the Blackerry Mint is made with blackberries, sugar, water, and mint, that's it. We also appreciate that Hipstirs makes the syrups in small batches in Austin, Texas.

The flavorful syrups are perfect for mixing. We found the syrups truly delicious when mixed in a cocktail or simply as a zero-proof drink with soda water. We highly recommend trying the strawberry mint with Prosecco for a lazy at-home brunch with loved ones. The holiday flavor trio includes pumpkin spice and cranberry pie, but we suggest sticking to evergreen combos that include dreamy titles like Lavender Haze.

Purchase the Hipstirs Cocktail Syrup Trio Pack from Hipstirs for $27.

Best negroni set: Via Carota

Making the perfect Negroni has been a career prerogative for the chefs and co-owners of Via Carota in NYC's West Village. We first tasted the bottled cocktails at the restaurant, and while the premade espresso martini was a true crowd-pleaser, our bet is on the Negroni gift set for anyone who appreciates the Italian aperitif. The drinks are balanced and elevated and the set bypasses the need to purchase a multitude of spirits (or play bartender).

The gift set features two meticulous Negroni blends, including white and classic, in 375-milliliter bottles with two sturdy lowball glasses. The classic Negroni is bittersweet and delivers a tannic finish, made with Brooklyn-based Forthave red aperitvo (instead of Campari), dry gin, and a custom vermouth blend. The crisp white Negroni features white aperitivo, dry gin, and another custom vermouth. Each ready-to-drink cocktail is in an ornate glass bottle that will stun on a holiday table or as a hostess gift.

Purchase the Negroni Set from Via Carota for $99.

Best zero-proof mocktail set: Ghia Cocktail Box

Zero-proof cocktails are more than a trend, and an alcohol-free aperitif is a complex and safe option as a gift. We've been fans of Ghia for a long time due to its robust botanicals and versatility. Some might find the botanicals overpowering when served neat, so the Ghia aperitif can be mixed with one part aperitif to three parts seltzer. We've featured Ghia as a premium alcohol alternative and are confident that the brand's gift set is sure to please.

The zero-proof cocktail kit comes with a 500-milliliter bottle of Ghia, a handblown cocktail glass and two stirrers, a pour spout, and branded coasters. The colorful kit feels artisanal and luxurious — not your typical bottle.

Purchase the Ghia Cocktail Box from Ghia for $74.25. 

Best mixology set for fans of gin: Empress 1908 Indigo Gin With Gift

Gin drinkers tend to be a discerning bunch. We have you covered with the Empress 1908 Indigo Gin complete with a glassware set. We like Empress 1908 Indigo Gin because the violet color — naturally tinted by the butterfly pea flower — wows whether you serve it as a martini or as a festive cocktail. We found the botanical-forward gin is smooth with notes of citrus that still work well in a martini or a seltzer cocktail. The vibrant cocktail also elicited some questions, which can be a fun conversation starter.

The gift set includes two lowball glasses and an ice cube set for long-lasting chill without dilution. Despite the higher price tag, the full set is a decent value. The brand also includes a range of options for gifting if glassware isn't your thing. This unconventional gin makes for a serious bar upgrade and is sure to meet expectations.

Purchase an Empress 1908 Indigo Gin with Gift from Liquor Geeks for $129.99.

Best cocktail subscription: American Cocktail Club

Looking to try something new? The American Cocktail Club is well-reviewed for delivering curated boxes with name-brand spirits, mixers, syrups, and garnishes. We appreciate that the monthly subscription partners with mixologists and brands you'll likely recognize like Casadores and Sapphire Gin.

Boxes can be a single order or receive a year of mixology selections. You can opt for a box with everything to make a drink or a booze-free box with just the ingredients to complement a stocked bar. The Everything Box contains spirits, syrup, garnish, and bitters, so you'll be prepared to try a new cocktail.

Purchase the Everything Box from the American Cocktail Club for $80.

Best martini kit: Kàstra Elión Premium Deluxe Martini Kit

Simple recipes call for high-quality ingredients, and a martini is the definition of simplicity. Kàstra Elión is a full-bottled vodka made from Greek olives and grains that comes in an attractive white ceramic bottle that is ideal for complex cocktails and smooth sipping. We were impressed by the peppery yet bright spirit with a balanced hint of salinity. We also like that the brand is family-owned, crafted in Greece, and said to use hand-selected olives from the Nafpaktos area.

Whether you're buying for yourself or someone else, Kàstra Elión's premium deluxe martini kit provides everything you need from two long-stemmed martini glasses to a cocktail brine featuring Messolonghi Sea salt. The sleek kit also includes a 750-milliliter bottle of Kàstra Elión vodka and a jar of Greek olives for the full experience.

Purchase the Kàstra Elión Premium Deluxe Martini Kit for $149.

Best bartender mixology tool kit: Barillo Bartender Bag

Having all the proper mixology tools on hand can change the way you view a craft cocktail. Precise measurements with a jigger, a strainer for stray pulp, or a muddler to crush mint will take a basic cocktail to a professional level. Even if you're not looking to mix drinks for clientele, having a full bartending set completes an at-home bar when preparing a boulevardier cocktail or a signature mai tai recipe.

We like that Barillo's bartender bag is well-reviewed on Amazon (a 4.7 rating when we checked) and is produced by a respected barware brand. The stainless steel elements are organized in a waxed canvas roll-away bag with a handle. The whole set appears attractive as it is made from materials that are designed to last. It's the ideal surprise for anyone looking to take mixology to the next level.

Purchase the Barillo Bartender Bag from Amazon for $89. 

Best budget mixology tool kit: Modern Mixology Portable Cocktail Shaker Set

Amazon reviewers agree that this is the best cocktail mixology bartender kit. We like that it's made with stainless steel or copper — not merely coated for aesthetics. We also sought out a that kit lacked complaints from reviewers about the elements sticking, which can slow down the process, or leaks that waste precious ingredients and make a mess. We also found this mixology toolkit to be attractive and come in multiple colorways.

The budget kit comes with the foundational tools for an at-home bar: a martini shaker (we prefer the built-in strainer even if this style is slower behind the bar than a Boston shaker), a tall mixing spoon, a muddler, two pour spouts, and a recipe card. The whole kit comes with a sleek velvet bag but is best left as a display on your bar cart.

Purchase the Modern Mixology Portable Cocktail Shaker Set from Amazon for $19.99. 

Best gift set for tequila-loving millennials: Mijenta Duo Bundle

Craft tequila is in its golden age in the U.S., so the options can seem endless for anyone looking to try something new — or might agree that the pendulum is swinging back thanks to mediocre cash grabs overwhelming the market. Mijenta has received accolades for its complex tequila blends made without additives.

We recommend the Mijenta duo for any tequila lovers who wax poetic about trips to Oaxaca or complain about the mystery ingredients in name brands. Mijenta's blanco tequila is a crisp, cooked agave-forward spirit while the reposado takes on the notes of honey and vanilla from six months of aging in casks made of oak and acacia. Mix in a cocktail or save this tequila for sipping.

Purchase the Mijenta Duo Bundle for $118.98

Gift set for the whiskey drinkers: Woodford Reserve

Whiskey drinkers are likely familiar with Woodford Reserve, a trusted brand for its Kentucky bourbon. The spirits brand partnered with Williams Sonoma to create a complimentary syrup that is sold with Maraschino cherries by Luxardo. The duo pairs with bourbon or whiskey, making for a holiday spin on a classic cocktail. The festive cocktail duo is ideal for mixing a cocktail or a zero-proof drink with sparkling water.

We like that the mixer can be combined with any whiskey, although it's tailored for a bottle of Woodford Reserve. If you're looking for an autumnal cocktail, this is the place to start for a warming and seasonal drink.

Purchase a Woodford Reserve x Williams Sonoma Festive Cocktail Duo at Williams Sonoma for $36.90.

Best creative cocktail kit for DIYers: Aged & Infused

Too many DIY projects are out of reach or can sit forgotten despite our best intentions. Aged & Infused provides a simple method for all-natural flavors with 16-ounce jars ready to infuse spirits.

The trio of jars comes with pre-measured ingredients and a pour spout for easy use after the three-day infusion period. It's a simple process and not your typical cocktail. We appreciate the added holiday cheer to spruce up your bar cart with the Merry and Bright Bundle: spiced punch is made with dehydrated cranberry, dehydrated pear, and dried rosemary; the snowed-in kit with dehydrated apples, candied ginger, and cardamon; or the home sweet home blend is dehydrated caramelized apples, molasses, and cinnamon.

Purchase The Merry and Bright Bundle from Aged and Infused at $68. 

Best margarita gift set: Don Julio Classic Margarita Kit

Don Julio is a long-trusted tequila brand and its blanco tequila makes the ideal cocktail choice. The Don Julio margarita gift set is a solid choice as a gift for hosts, colleagues, and tequila fans. You'll get a 750-milliliter margarita mixer, a 750-milliliter Don Julio blanco bottle, and a 200-milliliter Grand Marnier bottle to complete the set. You'll be able to stock a bar or start the party.

We like Hella Classic Margarita Mixer because it's made without artificial flavors, high-fructose corn syrup, and GMOs. It is made with real cane sugar and lime juice.

Purchase a Don Julio Classic Margarita Kit from Top Shelf Wine & Spirits for $112.97.

Best zero-proof margarita gift set: New Bar Tequila Kit

Ritual is a reliable brand that we've included in round-ups before, but its gift set is a comprehensive collection to start a zero-proof collection. The New Bar tequila gift bundle is a fully alcohol-free mixology set to craft margaritas, Palomas, or a Mexican mule. It's also a fun option for people interested in making mocktails. We support this kit as a host gift or if hosting a party where you want to make sure everyone has something delicious to drink.

The tequila gift bundle includes a full bottle of Ritual Tequila Alternative and Lyre's Orange Sec, as well as cans of Avec Blood Orange & Jalapeño, Avec Ginger, and Avec Grapefruit Pomelo for mixing. The sizeable gift set all comes in a gift box for visual appeal.

Purchase the New Bar Tequila Gift Bundle from The New Bar for $105.

Best gift set for mezcal lovers: Del Maguey Puebla Mezcal Chocolate Cocktail Box

Mezcal is the smoky answer for agave lovers, and Del Maguey has made a name for itself as a quality entry brand to the category of spirits. The Del Maguey Puebla chocolate cocktail box includes boozy chocolates from MarieBelle that have a slight ABV, so you'll be able to taste rich mezcal flavor in each bite.

Each chocolate cocktail box will include a full bottle of Del Maguey VIDA Puebla, perfect for pairing with a range of cocktails and chocolates. The first-of-its-kind MarieBelle x Del Maguey VIDA Puebla chocolate cocktail box features seven cocktail-inspired flavors, which are all twists on cocktail classics, that speak to Puebla, Mexico, where mezcal and chocolate are regional traditions.

Purchase the Del Maguey Publa Chocolate Cocktail Box from ReserveBar for $79.