15 Tea Gift Sets To Look Out For This Holiday Season

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As the festive season approaches and you begin assembling your Christmas lists, sifting through what each special person in your life might want, a tea gift set could be the perfect present for some of your favorite people. Tea gift sets symbolize care for the well-being and daily joy of those we hold dear. After all, tea can best be described as a warm hug in a cup, and what better way to extend that hug, even to family members who live far away, than by sending them an entire set?

In our quest to delight the tea lovers in our lives, we've come across some absolutely outstanding tea gift sets that deserve a spot under more Christmas trees and tucked into more stockings. From interesting blends and wellness teas to ready-to-drink milk tea options and tea accessories, there's something for every kind of tea enthusiast. These sets are more than just gifts; they are an invitation to pause, savor, and enjoy the little moments of happiness that a cup of tea can bring.

How we selected products

We considered a variety of factors in our quest to find the perfect tea sets for gifting this holiday season. Our primary goal was to uncover unique sets that would stand out, rather than settle for the usual offerings. We sought treasures a bit removed from the mainstream tea market, those hidden gems that require a bit of exploration.

Additionally, we delved into reviews, not only of the tea sets but also other products from the same brands, to ensure that you're gifting items of exceptional quality. It was also important for us to consider any press coverage these options might have received to gather diverse perspectives.

We paid close attention to how well each item represented its category, and we're thrilled to share that we've found some truly outstanding options. Furthermore, we tailored our selections to cater to specific types of teas and the preferences of different tea drinkers.

Best overall tea gift set: The Chai Box The Ultimate Chai Lover's Gift Set

The Chai Box embodies a profound passion for chai tea, with a mission to make it a cherished part of your daily ritual. The Ultimate Chai Lover's Gift Set is a standout for us, as it caters to a spectrum of preferences. Whether you're someone who craves a robust chai experience or prefers a subtler touch, there's an option for you. It even includes a choice for those who seek a caffeine-free indulgence.

The set features The Hill Station, a delightful blend of black tea, luxurious cardamom, and sweet rose. For those who favor the classic, All Chai'd Up offers a more traditional chai experience. Sweet Monsoon brings a tropical twist to the table, while Lavender Nights presents a soothing, caffeine-free alternative, perfect for unwinding.

Purchase the Ultimate Chai Lover's Gift Set at The Chai Box for $80.

Holiday tea gift set: Bellocq Holiday Collection

Bellocq Tea Atelier, hailing from Brooklyn, New York, exudes a sense of timeless elegance and botanical beauty. Its exquisite holiday tea set is thoughtfully curated to provide an enchanting and delightful experience during the festive season.

You have the option to choose from three charming color themes: yellow, blue, or silver. Regardless of your selection, each set includes two exceptional teas: Bellocq Christmas and Little Dickens. The Bellocq Christmas blend is a delightful black tea, infused with winter-inspired flavors such as cinnamon and vanilla, creating a warm and cozy sensation. Meanwhile, Little Dickens is a caffeine-free blend, brimming with spices and cacao notes, making it a delightful choice for all, including the youngest tea enthusiasts in your family.

Purchase the Bellocq Holiday Collection from Bellocq Tea Atelier for $84.

Best green tea gift set: Boulder Tea Co's Green Tea Gift Set

Nestled in Boulder, Colorado, the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse stands as a haven for tea lovers, offering an extensive array of teas from around the world. This teahouse's online store extends this experience with various tea collections, including an exquisite green tea gift set.

The green tea gift set features three distinct varieties: the traditional Mystic Mountain Mao, the Cherry Rose Sencha with its delightful blend of cherry and rose, and the fragrant Jasmine Chung Feng, crafted with jasmine tea. Each selection is thoughtfully packaged in a box that mirrors the teahouse's aesthetic charm. Additionally, for those who wish to savor fine teas throughout the year, the teahouse offers a tea club subscription, delivering a world of flavors right to your doorstep.

Purchase the Green Tea Gift Set from The Boulder Tea Company for $52.75.

Best white tea gift set: Rare Tea Company White Tea Gift Set

The delicate essence of white tea is something we truly cherish, especially during the winter months when it serves as a gentle reminder of milder, softer weather. The Rare Tea Company's curated selection includes three exceptional varieties: White Peony, Malawi Antlers, and White Silver Tip. Each tea is a rare find, known for its delightful sweetness.

The white tea gift set arrives in beautifully crafted packaging, giving the impression of a treasured parcel sent from a distant land. This one may not come with a mug or teapot, but we're still quite fond of it.

Purchase the White Tea Gift Set at the Rare Tea Company for $45.99.

Best black tea gift set: Smith Teamaker Black Tea Bestsellers with Teapot

If you find coffee a bit too intense, consider swapping it for black tea. The holiday season is the ideal time to discover the perfect gift set, either for yourself or a loved one. Smith Teamaker offers an absolutely stunning set that includes three exquisite black teas accompanied by a teapot.

The Lord Bergamot presents a classic Earl Grey experience, while Portland Breakfast offers a slightly stronger brew. British Brunch serves as an ideal breakfast tea. Everything is elegantly packaged in sophisticated black boxes, and the teapot included is just the right size for steeping two cups of tea.

Purchase this Black Tea Bestsellers with Teapot set from Smith Teamaker for $84.97.

Best herbal tea gift set: Teeccino Herbal Tea Sampler Gift Box

For those who enjoy a great cup of coffee but prefer a non-caffeinated option, we highly recommend giving Teeccino a try. This unique brand specializes in herbal teas that strike a delightful balance between coffee and traditional tea, presenting a truly novel concept.

We suggest exploring the Herbal Tea Sampler from Teeccino. This collection offers an extensive selection of teas, some of which even include adaptogens. What we love most about this herbal tea kit is its variety of flavors, allowing your gift recipient the opportunity to sample a wide array of offerings all at once.

Purchase the Herbal Tea Sampler Gift Box from Teeccino for $35.99.

Best bubble tea gift set: Tea Drop Beginners Boba Sampler

Bubble tea, often referred to as boba tea, is an irresistibly delicious beverage. If you're a fan of ordering it, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that it's possible to make it right at home. For the boba tea enthusiast on your gift list, consider presenting them with a comprehensive bubble tea sampler kit, complete with Tea Drops and ready-to-use bubble pearls.

We're particularly fond of the tea from Tea Drops because these are teas that don't require the fuss of bags or the task of removing leaves from the glass. Instead, they conveniently dissolve directly into your water, making the tea-making process both simple and enjoyable.

Purchase this Beginners Boba Sampler from Tea Drop for $39.

Best matcha gift set: Teanagoo Japanese Matcha Tea Set

Matcha aficionados on your list would undoubtedly cherish a brand-new set of tools and teas to enhance their matcha ritual. This set from Teanagoo is available in a variety of pottery colors, allowing you to select the one that best resonates with your gift recipient. You may be limited in color variety depending on when you order, however.

Alongside the matcha tea, this thoughtful gift includes a bowl, a bamboo whisk complete with a holder, a scoop, and a sifter. There's also a convenient scoop stand accompanied by a napkin, ensuring everything remains neat and organized in the tea-making space.

Purchase the Japanese Matcha Tea Set on Amazon for $34.99.

Best iced tea gift set: Plum Deluxe The Ultimate Iced Tea Bundle

Just as some exclusively enjoy iced coffee, there are tea lovers who prefer their tea served cold. For these aficionados, an iced tea bundle makes for an ideal gift. When selecting this bundle, it's important to consider the specific tea preferences of your recipient. This thoughtful detail allows you to specify a tea type when ordering. If you don't choose a preference, Plum Deluxe will thoughtfully select some options on your behalf.

This set also includes a mason jar brewer where you can steep your tea right in the water. The kit also comes with specially designed iced tea straws and some delightful lemonade, rounding out the perfect iced tea experience.

Purchase The Ultimate Iced Tea Bundle from Plum Deluxe for $69.

Best microtea gift set: Waterdrop Microtea Set

For the tea enthusiasts on your list with an ultra-busy lifestyle, we recommend the set of Microteas from Waterdrop. These teas are incredibly convenient, requiring nothing more than a container of water to work their magic. Simply unwrap them and drop them into the water. Unlike other teas, there's no need for a filter or tea bag.

These are perfect as a gift for those who are constantly on the move, or perhaps tight on space and don't possess all the usual tea-making accessories required for brewing a traditional cup. Plus, while many Waterdrop cubes are meant for cold water, these brew in hot water.

Purchase the Microtea Set from Waterdrop for $32.90.

Best wellness tea gift set: Sips by Get Well Soon Tea Kit

For those who appreciate tea for its wellness benefits, if you have someone on your gift list who isn't having the best holiday season due to feeling under the weather, consider picking up a Get Well Soon kit from Sips by. This thoughtful kit includes a honey bear, a heart-shaped infuser, and three teas specifically chosen for their healing properties: Headache Healer, Throat Therapy, and Elderberry Immunity Elixir.

We acknowledge that this isn't the most traditional holiday gift. However, for someone who's unwell during this usually joyous season, a Get Well Soon gift can be incredibly uplifting and may provide more comfort than you might expect.

Purchase the Get Well Soon Tea Kit from Sips by for $40.

Best Chinese tea gift set: Song Tea & Ceramics The Song Collection

For the ultimate Chinese tea enthusiast, the Song Collection from Song Tea & Ceramics is an unparalleled choice. We suggest opting for the full year-long collection, which offers an incredible selection. This includes 33 servings of teas, each beautifully packaged to create an elegant and delightful tea gift.

Song Tea & Ceramics diligently curates a collection of teas sourced from China and Taiwan each year, and this collection is a celebration of the company's entire assortment for the year. It's an exceptional gift that any Chinese tea lover would treasure.

Purchase the Song Collection of teas from Song Tea & Ceramics for $185.

Best locally sourced tea gift set: Yaupon Brothers Yaupon Holiday Gift Box

For thousands of years, Yaupon has been an essential and revered element in the diets of indigenous peoples. In fact, the Timucua people believed in its purification effects. Derived from the Yaupon Holly Tree, it is one of the sole naturally caffeinated plants growing in the United States. The Yaupon Brothers is one of the few 100% made-in-the U.S. tea companies thanks to its organic yaupon — grown in Florida instead of imported. 

The Yaupon Brothers offer a Holiday Gift Box with two delightful options. The first box includes Florida Chai, Revive Mint Tea, and Winter Wassail. The alternative option features American Green Tea, Lavender Coconut, and Florida Chai. Both gift options come with a beautiful and original mug celebrating the brand.

Purchase the Yaupon Holiday Gift Box from the Yaupon Brothers for $65.

Best tea accompaniments: The Spice House Fireside Collection

If you're wondering what to get for the tea lover on your list who seems to have more tea than they could ever enjoy, we recommend the Spice Blend Collection from The Spicy House. The Fireside Collection is a carefully curated selection of spices designed to enhance the flavors of your favorite warm beverages. Experimenting with these spices can add something extra special to the tea-drinking experience.

In this four seasonings collection, you'll find a delightful assortment including a Hot Cocoa Mix, Mulling Spices, Dry Spices, and Korintje Ground Cassia Cinnamon. It's a thoughtful and unique gift that goes beyond the usual tea offerings.

Purchase the Fireside Collection from The Spice House for $38.

Best milk tea gift set: Oodaalolly x Narra Holiday Giftset

For a milk tea set that's pre-brewed and ready to enjoy, the Oodaalolly and Narra Holiday Gift Set is outstanding. This unique collaboration brings together a ready-to-drink oat milk latte in a can and exquisite dark chocolate bars, melding them into one delightful beverage. 

It's not only ultra-convenient and distinctive but also serves as a delightful milk tea treat suitable for all, including your vegan friends. This gift set is perfect for those who appreciate the fusion of rich flavors and the convenience of a grab-and-go option, adding a touch of indulgence and sophistication to the holiday season.

Purchase the Holiday Giftset from Narra for $40.