Why Gordon Ramsay Suggests Making Pasta For A First Dinner Date

Renowned restaurateur and television chef Gordon Ramsay can definitely be trusted when it comes to all things food, dining, and cooking. Because of this, one fan of the chef asked Ramsay for some dating advice during a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). Specifically, the user wanted to know what dish Ramsay would suggest for a single guy with minimal cooking skills to prepare for someone on a first date.

Ramsay's choice for such an occasion? Pasta. Ramsay wrote, "Pasta is a great way to show some great flair, in a way that, whether it's dry spaghetti or even fresh made Tagliatelle pasta. I would start off with a sort of roasted shallot, garlic, chili, fresh lime juice, with flaked crab meat over it." The chef noted that it's a good idea to master the basics of pasta because it works so well as a starch base for just about any protein, from chicken breast to marinated tuna and so on. He continued, "[It's] really exciting to show off some great skills mastering pasta."

But his advice doesn't stop there — here's what Ramsay suggests to take the date to the next level.

Gordon Ramsay's way to crank date night up a notch

Making a delicious bowl of pasta is definitely impressive, but Gordon Ramsay says there's a way to take it a step further and wow your date even more.

Ramsay stated, "If you really want to be the ultimate single guy, looking for the most extreme date, crank a little pasta machine, sit her down, serve her the most amazing glass of champagne, and just tell her to sit and watch for five minutes while [you] roll the pasta." In other words, making pasta from scratch will show your date that your cooking skills go beyond the basics — and that you have no need for store-bought pasta.

Of course, it may take some time to work your way up to making your own pasta from scratch, so you can always stick with Ramsay's first suggestion of mastering a basic pasta dish that you can switch up with various proteins. But it also doesn't hurt to consider Ramsay's idea of cranking a pasta machine — especially since the chef claims that it's guaranteed to make for a really good date.